Order In The Court


If you are judging someone for judging, you are both judging. If you do it first it’s bad enough, but to criticize and then judge back makes you a hypocrite.

There are some topics that seem to bring out the worst in us. Don’t allow yourself to go there. You know what I always say, be bitter or be better.


27 thoughts on “Order In The Court

      • Right. More Idina Menzel, less constipation. Let it go…let it go. But, with great expulsion, comes great responsibility. I can’t dump nuclear waste on this world and not look after it. That would be pollution.

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      • Give YOU my negativity? And, what would you do with it? This sounds like the villainess pretending to do someone a favor by taking their darkness away only to add it to her own power before taking over the world.

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      • Wow, I’ll have to think about that. I can tell you I have no intention of taking over the world or saving it but I am more than willing to carry someone else’s load when so am able. Probably why I have such a bad back 😉


      • Yea, I know. I went way out there with the world domination thinking. I was in a serious comic book mental state the past week.

        And, carrying others is one more Taurus trait. I hope you are kidding about the bad back. Otherwise, I am curious what did you in.


      • Omg no! I was a gymnast and I’m tiny so when I started coaching, many of the kids were much bigger than me and I think it beat my body up even more. I messed up my neck in yoga. It’s embarrassing yes but true. I now have bone spurs, one bad disc and a lot of pain 😦


      • Ah, a gymnast…close enough to a cheerleader. Tiny? As in under 5 foot?

        Ouch. Not good. In yoga?? Hmm. With all of your “teachings,” is there anything to rid yourself of that pain/bum discs?


      • No it is not close. I am not the cheerleader type. No offense to cheerleaders but no. I a 5 feet but shrinking fast.

        They are encouraging me to heal myself so I have made myself open to some odd situations like energy hearings and crystal hearings. Seriously, I will try anything to get rid of the pain. Physical therapy didn’t cut it but yoga helps


      • I mean a cheerleader does flips and such, like a gymnast. Except, the gymnast is more of a perfectionist with a likely eating disorder from the coach’s expectations.

        Shrinking from 5 ft?? Cripes, the incredible shrinking motivational speaker.

        I think we both should relocate to some Buddhist highland and start meditating in the mountains.

        Yea, my physical therapy for my elbow/arm didn’t achieve much that I couldn’t do at home, either. I went mainly because the therapist was the only supportive person (of sorts) I had. Which is sad. But, certain events convinced me to give up the OT/PT.

        I have dabbled in tai chi. I used to do yoga as a kid. I’d like to get back into it. But, if I can’t perfectly straighten my left arm…? It would be nice to have a yoga partner that’s not on TV or in a class of 45 young women/strangers.


      • What did you do to your elbow? I will gladly relocate to the mountains for meditations. Just let me know where and when 😉

        That’s pretty funny the incredible shrinking motivational speaker. Maybe that will be my new job title.

        I had an injury where I couldn’t straighten my elbow and I was able to still do yoga just work around it. I have all kinds of people in my classes. Young, old, really old heavy, thin. You name it 😉


      • I was hoping you’d help me book the new life path:D

        I took a stupid fall in the backyard while babysitting. The last icy cold day of winter at the start of what I thought would be a lovely year of the wood sheep (Chinese astrology). I had what was called the “terrible triad.” Now, I have a wine cork in my radius and the perpetual feeling my left arm is from an action figure that needs oiling.

        You could be like that…was her name Yasha?…on Saturday Night Live with her teenage son running the sound machine as she speaks to crowds at hotels.

        It seems strange or difficult to do exercises (or dance) in ways where you want or need to put both hands in the same position when one goes slightly askew.

        Hmm, then, once more, I am maybe being paranoid. But, with my luck, I will take the chance and wind up with what I fear, 30 young women with husbands, boyfriends and “friends with benefits” to complicate my already complicated and lonely mind. So much for focus on clearing my mind and body:P

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      • If I enjoy the view from the back of the room, someone’s gonna think I’m a “perv,” and…well, enough negative thinking.

        Warm or hot yoga?…is that like the difference in breathing exercises? One nostril or two?


      • No it’s the difference in going home a little sweaty or soaking wet. And! You are much more focused on your breathing because the heat makes you feel like you can’t breathe. I do t know how old you are but the heat really loosens up my muscles. I can do things in that room that I could never do outside of it. Of course I love handstands and difficult arm balances. I love a good challenge. And how could I do it if I can’t bend and touch my toes 😉 is


      • Being in the back of the class affects how sweaty I get? Oh, the hot/warm yoga thing.

        I don’t think age matters other than how we appreciate things like heat and cold. Just as taste buds change with age.

        I am too chicken to do handstands or cartwheels. I was burned by gym class gymnastics. That’s how I screwed up my rib cage.

        I prefer the challenge of a good mountain to scale on foot, not climb with cables and some sort of metal clasps. I enjoy hiking, especially the volcanoes I climbed…minus the tourist traps.

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      • Yes I’m not surprised. Being out in nature taking risks with no one else around seems like your style.

        Btw, I hate the heat but it really does make a difference in flexibility. I don’t like cold yoga either because I can’t move but warm seems just right.


      • How do you know my style?:P And, actually, you are wrong. If I take the wrong risks with no one around, I’m in big trouble and distraught for being so alone. But, I do like to venture off the beaten path, now and then (which isn’t a good idea on a tour).

        Yes, I have noticed the impact of heat and have been applying hot damp towels to the area for months, roughly 3-5 times a day. I haven’t done it in a few weeks, now, though. I’ve been relying on sunshine and regular stretching. I feel like a Nazi saluting the sky just to straighten my arm.

        I am wondering what good cold yoga is…and what that is.


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