42 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Both. But maybe my perspective is colored by my anxiety disorder. Like, I sometimes even if I can tell I am losing my patience, say, with my daughter, I can try to calm myself or force myself to act calm, but it doesn’t always alter how I feel on the inside. Like I think I may have mentioned on something you wrote before, I can’t control how I feel but I can control my reactions (mostly, lol).

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  2. I think the question is very broad and it can be tough to try and keep your patient. I was probably the world’s most impatient person before my son came along and he has taught me that you have to be,

    I often have to bit my lip because its hard when you are panicking or in a hurry

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  3. Why do you ask? Do you have the patience to receive and hear my answer? How long do you have? 😛

    Yes, we have a measure of control. And, as I said about imps before, there are those who love to test us and those who have no patience for others losing their patience. Some hold their tea cups; and others throw them just for fun. If I lose my patience, it’s primarily because I gave in to temptation/pressure. However, there will be times when repressing another feeling, anger, is just as bad as the thought of losing one’s cool. This a Dr. Bruce Banner discussion in the making.

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