Help Me Hang In There


We are a couple weeks into school now and my old familiar anxiety is starting to creep back in. My son has ADD and his lack of focus and organization has been an on going challenge. We decided to take him off his medication last Christmas and found out with our constant nagging, the teachers staying on top of things and Chases determination to do this on his own, he will get there one day at a time. It’s a big responsibility for me to oversee his work. Trying to maintain the right balance between schools expectations and his struggle to do the work leaves me in a tough place. He is very smart. Everyday, he surprises me more and more. Sometimes though, when I start to relax a little too much, disaster strikes in a moments notice. I checked Parent Portal this weekend to find Chase is missing 4 math assignments. We have a 504 that is similar to an IEP that requires teachers to contact me at the first sign of missing work or when he is falling behind. This is what happens when I don’t check and they don’t let me know. It turns into a massive stress fest at home and my husband and I feel the brunt of it. He spent all weekend trying to re-do the work he seemed to misplace. The fact that his writing wrist is broken does not contribute to the cause in a helpful way. Every year, the transition of getting used to new teachers in addition to the time lapse of them discovering his 504 seems to take longer and longer. On a good note, we try our best to work as partners so Chase can be as successful as possible. High school starts next year so this is a big transitional year. He is in 3 classes now that will give him high school credit and I am confident he can handle them IF he keeps up with the work. There’s always that one class he slacks off to make up for the amount of work in other classes. I hope this will be the year he finds his balance and I lose some of this worry and anxiety. I am looking forward to the day he gets his cast off and can get more of his work done in class. Two more weeks, hold on, almost there.

15 thoughts on “Help Me Hang In There

  1. Melanie (DoesItEvenMatterWhoIReallyAm?)

    Oh honey, I’m sorry you’re feeling anxiety. It’s not easy when you’re worried about your child’s success. Try to breathe and just remember that it WILL work out in the end. Sebastian broke his arm at the start of 2nd grade a few years back. I recall the struggle that he went through. Kids are tough, and they figure out ways to compensate. I have confidence that your Chase will do just fine. I’m thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way! 😘 💖

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  2. koolaidmoms

    It always is a dance of balance. My son is in a similar situation, without the cast, and it always seems to fall to us. Perhaps a helpful reminder to the teachers that after 2 missed assignments to please contact you?

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    • Yes. I sent a message to one and she is on board now. I think they forget these kids have accommodations or they just don’t remember what’s in them. One teacher just emailed me and told me he would let Chase retake a test verbally because there was too much writing for him to have a fair chance to do well. That’s a relief 😉

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