Life’s A Dance


Its true when they say life is a dance. We are always moving, going, doing, feeling. We get into this rhythm and before we know it, we are swept up in that same old song that never seems to end. I’m trying to decide what is more pathetic, the fact that I rushed out of the house this morning trying to get Chase to school on time without even thinking to say goodbye to my husband or the fact that my husband was sadly standing at the back door to offer a quick wave before we pulled away. When did time become so rushed? How did we allow ourselves to say yes to everything that doesn’t matter and no to the things that should?

Sometimes we get so caught up in this rat race of life that we forget what it means to truly live. We replace doing what matters and spending time with the people who matter, with matters that leave us empty and searching for love, purpose, in all the wrong places.

Today I am going to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of coffee on this dreary day. I will have no agenda and I will have no need to rush. Sometimes we have to take a step back and pause long enough to remember who we really are and the purpose we serve that extends far beyond hours of homework, housework, a ridiculous job, or countless errands that never, ever seem to end. We have to pause long enough to say goodbye to the people we love and look at them like we’ll never see them again before they walk out the door. We have to remind ourselves that we matter, people matter and that we will never get to live this day over again. 


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