Remember When


Remember when, 30 seemed so old, now looking back, it’s just a stepping home from where we are to where we’ve been, said we’d do it all again. Remember when?

I was driving back home after dropping Chase off at school this morning and the reality hit me like a ton of bricks. All of a sudden, tears were flowing down my cheeks. That song, Remember When, by Alan Jackson came on the radio and every single word ripped at my heart like every other time I hear it. Some memories do that same thing too.

Life is short. Time is precious and we have to enjoy the moments as we are in them, for in the blink of a moment, they are long gone. Today, I want to remind myself to forgive like I’ve never been hurt, smile like I don’t have crooked teeth and to love like my heart has never been broken. 

Focus on the ones who have filled your life with blessings. Be grateful to the ones who have caused you pain. For everyone we meet is our spiritual teacher, whose job and unknowing responsibility is to challenge us to be the person we are meant to be.

Love, laugh, forgive, heal and love. Make a choice to love from your heart and not from your mind. The mind will steer you wrong almost every time. Accept people exactly how they are because you can’t change them anyway and love yourself right now, in this moment. Say to yourself, I am enough because I believe you really are.


8 thoughts on “Remember When

  1. That song…or “Photograph” by Nickelback or any number of gut-wrenching, heart-probing songs that aren’t coming to mind at the moment. Just one of the reasons it’s important to screen our listening options. Music is like a drug, and the wrong drug can mess you up. Some uplifting or motivating songs put me into a coma like catnip. Some sad songs bring me down with tears and chains. And, the songs about sex and drugs/alcohol…I just try to avoid completely.

    I HATE PEOPLE SAYING LIFE IS SHORT!!! Life is as long as the higher power allows. Even batteries which are designed to work alike may have different lifespans. You might live a “perfectly healthy” life with the expectation of dying beyond 100 and die at 56. You might have the worst addiction to smoking and outlive the rest of your family. Who knows. But, to put the stamp SHORT on any energy source…it’s like being an atheist or saying there’s no such thing as aliens from other planets. It just cuts my soul to the core! Don’t look at the clock. That’s what the employers care about. Look…somewhere else.

    And, if you pressure yourself so much about being in the moment and not missing something, you could drive yourself batty, too. Moments come and go. And, if we think of all the things we could do and could have done, what then? What becomes of us?

    A dandelion seed or leave flows through the air. Some passerby may or may not catch it and/or pass it on. The leaf continues until it stops or is stopped. So do we pass through moments in life with no guarantee of what we will experience or miss. Let’s not think so much about what COULD be in a moment.

    …Or, am I wasting steam here? Are you saying you’re enjoying moments as they happen without dwelling on getting in as much as possible?


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