Calling All Teachers and Students


I really hate to bother anyone with school issues but I could use some advice. There are certain classes my son has where he is given a study guide for an upcoming test. It is usually long and takes up a big chunk of time to complete. The study guide is due the day of the exam but they are allowed to use it when they take the test. Both the study guide and the test are graded. 

For years I have struggled with the idea that this is counterproductive. Sometimes the answers are not correct and the kids take time and effort to study the wrong information that will ultimately lead to them answering questions wrong on the test as well. Wouldn’t it make sense to grade the study guide and return it to students before the test and not use it on the actual exam? Also, what benefit does grading both exam and study guide have if the same answers are going to be wrong on both?

I’d love to hear what you think the logic is behind this whole idea. I could use your help.

46 thoughts on “Calling All Teachers and Students

  1. koolaidmoms

    I agree with you. Talk to the teacher and if that doesn’t work your way up the chain. Why should your child be tested on incorrect information? If the information is never corrected and they have studied this how much harder do they have to work to “fix” this information in their brains. By the time they get to finals is it still wrong? I am one of “those” moms too.

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  2. It totally does NOT make sense to have a student study from a guide that may be incorrect. The purpose of a study guide is to see what the student has learned…understands and if there are mistakes, he or she learns from that and the exam will go really well πŸ™‚ …I don’t understand the rationale in this at all. I would ask the teacher to explain her or his thoughts and intentions behind this.

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  3. Do not let him take another class like that one. That is my advice. Look into the teachers’ curriculums…curriculi?…whatever. Just find out how the teacher plans on teaching. What he’s going through is the same stupid crap I had in high school that made many happy to have an “easy class” only to learn nothing and let the teacher slide. Though, he had to create that “study guide”…but I suppose anyone could just page through a text book and pick out segments to add blanks and let the students fill them.


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