Have You Checked In?


We should all examine ourselves from time to time. It is important to check in and take a good, honest look at our feelings. Our feelings are a good indicator of what it is we are carrying around with us all the time. Are you angry? Resentful? Self-consumed? Happy? Grateful? Are you carrying goodness, negativity, resentment, fear, guilt or blame? Has that baggage filled you up to the point that is spilling over into others lives?

Baggage gets heavy sometimes, and if we don’t look inside to see what it is we carry, that bag gets so heavy, we become completely bogged down until we are stuck in the same place and unable to move. Are you a helpful person who unknowingly picks up the baggage of someone else while that same person skips beside you with her lightened load? Are you that person who is too proud to ask for help so you drag your baggage slowly behind you as you struggle to get from one moment to the next? Have you reached out only to realize your network of support is not supportive at all?

These are tough questions, but if we are honest, the answers might just tell us all we need to know. We do have a choice to lighten our load. We have a choice to surround ourselves with people that will walk beside us with a hand on our baggage when we are too tired to pull it alone. We have a choice to remove ourselves from the people and situations that do not serve our higher purpose and help us be the best person we know we can be. There is comfort and freedom knowing we have a choice. Will you take a look deeper or will you continue to carry more than you can handle? Will you be honest enough with yourself to make the difficult choices of who you should keep in your life and who it is you should let go? Check in and do it frequently. Find what it takes to carry love and happiness and gratitude in your heart and know that to have a different result, we have to make different choices. That baggage you carry will break you and it will cause your heart to become heavy. Do it now, before it’s too late.


3 thoughts on “Have You Checked In?

  1. I am picturing myself at an airport, towing a huge assembly of luggage on and off wheels while the people around me just breeze by with a carry-on or small suitcase while jabbering on their “smart phones.” It’s not a pretty picture, and, yes, I am inclined to half-wish someone would help me and half-think they should just leave me be so I can do it myself (lest I be some pitiful hobo).

    Just how I am inspired in this moment.

    I have heard plenty of sources mention focusing on those that “feed” us versus those that “drain” us. But, I find it very hard to be sure of the former and feel surrounded by the latter to the point I feel like I am in a swimming pool of polluted water unable to see any sources of light. I can’t latch onto what I can’t see nor clear away what is all around. I also cannot surround myself with what is scarce, especially if there is only one in sight. 😛

    I think I had a hand in inspiring you to write this post. 🙂


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