Look Harder


Some days, it is necessary to put the magnifying glass down. Don’t look at everyone and every word so closely and stop being so critical. As hard as it may be, see the God or good in everyone around you. It is there, whether you want to believe it or not. Sometimes it is not the person who is faulty but rather our perception of him that is really off. More times that not, what we do not like in someone else is a part we do not like in ourselves. It is a reflection back of something we do not wish to face. Look for something good, see something good. Look for something bad, see something bad. Whatever you look for will be waiting there for you to see. One of the greatest challenges in life is finding the good in someone who has hurt you or who you have grown to hate. Look harder. It is there.


5 thoughts on “Look Harder

  1. I am in a much better place now than I used to be and I am much more positive about things, but by nature, I’ve never been inclined to look at others with a magnifying glass so much as look at myself with an electron microscope. Rather than criticize others for my own shortcomings, I preferred going straight to the source.

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