20 thoughts on “You Write It Wednesday

  1. I would agree with the first two comments, gauging the length of the self-torment/stewing to the length of the confrontation. Yet, I suppose some brief confrontations could still cause lengthy stewing. For instance, when you confront someone you have confronted before and do not want to confront ever again. [Ya like how I used confront so many times?:P] I used to stew for longer periods the more often I ran into certain people. After years of putting up with one pest, it only took a look or smile from him to raise my dander.

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      • I bet you imagine tearing heads off and playing soccer with them just a tiny bit when they set you off or make your stomach turn. My fantasies aren’t quite so violent, but I like to take my ill feelings out in video games. In my youth, I imagined the bullies and jerks in my class were part of Double Dragon; and I thoroughly enjoyed kicking their asses.

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      • Just tell the people you hate they don’t have the balls but you will turn their heads into balls if they continue to annoy you…yea, that sounds good. But, why are we having meetings with these people? I say this after having my own share of employee meetings, attending as a “low lifeform” (not a boss/boss’ wife) and being more annoyed than feeling validated. More time was wasted at those meetings than could have been applied to work; and I always felt like the class clown who was not well appreciated. I thought the “king” might have me executed if he didn’t like my jokes.


      • I have meetings because my son has a 504 which is a plan teachers are obligated to follow by law to assure his learning needs are met. So every year, the new teachers push back and try not to follow it so we have to re educate them why he has one in the first place and why it is so important to follow it. It’s exhausting


      • Sounds like this 504 is a royal pain in the system’s neck, like filling out taxes or those smarts tests that require you to fill in a thousand little ovals with a special pencil.

        I am guessing the 504 is a trial run of a potential system change.


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I now understand that anger, if not controlled, will typically not get you the results you are looking for. So while I may get angry, I usually pause long enough so that my emotions are under control.

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  3. I usually let it fester too. I don’t like confrontations and they usually upset me to the point that I dwell on it for way longer I am sure than the other party does if they do at all. Some people just don’t care.

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  4. the-reluctant-parent

    I’ll be the first to admit that it takes me a little while to get over these sorts of things but I don’t know precisely how long. I know it’s never more than a couple of hours but I’m sure there are exceptions.

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