You’re Punished


I feel really bad for my daughter tonight. She is learning the very hard lesson that when people are spiteful, they will find a way to punish you. 

Long story short, she was supposed to go to the fair with friends tomorrow. They got together and purchased the tickets a few days ago but they just assumed she would drive. Those girls know me well enough to know I would not let her drive that far with so many kids in the car. So, one girl finally agreed to drive but now my poor girl has lost her spot in the car and has been replaced by two boys. What’s worse is they are making it very difficult for her to even get her ticket from the girl who is holding them.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t just happen with teenagers. Adults use their anger to manipulate others as well. It gives them the control to be the puppet master while they are jangling around your puppet strings. 

I really hate watching her go through all these tough lessons. The saddest part of all is, we can choose to be kind or we can choose to be cruel. It’s sad to think so many choose cruel. When will we stop hurting people on purpose? When will we have more consideration for people’s feelings and less focus on being one point ahead, as if it’s a game.

Be nice. Be kind and please don’t go out of your way to punish or hurt someone. Be better. Someone has to be.


28 thoughts on “You’re Punished

  1. Luz

    Amen. My daughter is almost 10 but has learned very hard lessons so far and I know she’ll still learn so many more in the future. I too wish I understood why girls can be so mean towards one another. As stated, we can’t protect them from everything. It sucks but it is what it is. Great post.

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  2. This is one of my worries for my own daughter. She is just five and still so bright and optimistic, and I sometimes worry the world will crush her (like it does many people.)
    And yes, adults totally do this too. Well, “adults,” not adults. My landlord does it to me all the time, and now, I figure I’ll just do it back.
    If she wants to make trouble for me out of spite because I make her job difficult or I cause her trouble or…her boyfriend smiles at me, or whatever…I’ll gladly return the favor and make her sorry she did it. I don’t always advocate being petty back, but sometimes you gotta put the bullies in their place. I hope your daughter can get her ticket. Did she give the girl the money for it already?

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    • It’s good to put people in their place. My daughter text the girl a little while ago and she told Kayleigh she had 20 minutes to get there for her ticket because they were leaving in 30. I feel so bad for her. I swear when my kids are hurt I die inside. Adults have crushed her spirit as well. Especially coaches. I e grown to dislike sports for the destruction done by one small person. My heart hurts. My advice is remove your daughter from everything and everyone who doesn’t make her spirit soar. I made that big mistake with mine thinking she could handle people like that but it has changed her in the worst ways and I am sad.

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