Slow It Down


We decided to go to the fair today. I didn’t realize how addicted to rushing I was until I was stuck behind a slow crowd of a sea of people. I was manipulating my way around like a race car on the last lap of the biggest race of my life and there was no place to go. I had to actually force myself to slow down. Where in the world was I rushing to? Every food truck had a line of at least 30 people and I sure didn’t sign up for the competition to walk around the loop of the fair the most times. It wasn’t the people in front of me who were so annoying but rather the idiot in the crowd that was practically knocking people over to get by. That idiot was me.

Sometimes when we are not able to do something on our own, life has a way of doing it for is. That is what happened to me today. I work so hard to not spend this minute racing toward the next minute but I haven’t quite mastered it yet . I’ve learned it takes me some time to settle down and settle in. The fair forced me to slow down, like it or not. It was a reminder that I need to calm down and be where I am supposed to be. Not every moment is meant to be spent focusing on my mental to do list. It’s okay to relax and have some fun. Life is too short for anything else.


13 thoughts on “Slow It Down

  1. Exactly that I was just thinking driving back home. I normally have the destination in mind and I rush to it. Right now, I just drove calmly, exact on the speed limit and cruise to home. It was so relaxing and no urge of taking over or anything. Sometimes you do got to slow it down a bit:)

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