Grand-gods.. How are we treating them ???


This is an important post about how we should care for our grandparents the way they have cared so deeply for us.


If you are lucky enough to have grandparents , cherish and celebrate them while you can !
-a fabulous quote I read somewhere.

It’s not just a quote. It is the mirror of your life. You will grow along with time and might also have grandchildren one day, how do you want yourself to be treated?
Like those many stereotypical aged people? Sitting on a swinging chair or maybe lying on a bed in the corner of the room??
Like that stereotypical old woman in your house who sits like a dumb sculpture , with a string of prayer beads in her hand??
Like that stereotypical old couple who just sits in the garden with wet eyes, cherishing the old memories of raising their children and crying over their helplessness today, over the dearth of love in their life, over the dearth of real care , that once they had…

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Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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