It Feels Good To Laugh


It’s okay to laugh sometimes. It’s so important to find the humor in the little things because that helps ease the bigger things. 

A few days ago, my pantry door fell off its hinges. Who knows when and if it will ever go back on. Then yesterday, we went out for dinner and when we got back home and opened the back door, it too fell off its hinges.

 I’m thinking I should play the lottery. Don’t take life so seriously. Find something to make you laugh today. There is no better medicine than a little dose of laughter.

177 thoughts on “It Feels Good To Laugh

  1. Can you laugh while chucking that fallen door out your home’s back/front door? Cuz that is what I would likely do if I kept putting it back in place. Eventually, I’d say it’s time to replace the pantry cabinet with something else. How many taps on the shoulder can one Fate give?

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      • So, you get a new house every three years when the private chopper picks you up to take you to the next Homeland?

        I’d say there was a sign in this somewhere, trying to tell you something. There’s a first time for everything. πŸ˜€

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      • Geez! My husband gets moved around for work. My heart is longing to be grounded, to lay down some roots. Everything happens the way it should. I wouldn’t be me without the experiences that moving around brings. A private chopper would be nice and a sweet little get away in Italy. Yeah, I could live like that πŸ˜‰


      • I kinda figured that’s the reason for moving so much. I was just testing the water with my finger. πŸ˜€

        Well, yes, all “control freaks” like to be grounded in some way. I still long for travel and seeing new places…but a lil stability and home security/privacy is vital, knowing something isn’t going to change and will be there for me.

        So, you wouldn’t be you if the hinges didn’t spring once in a while:P

        Italy? Psh. Take the chopper to Paris or Meteora, Greece…or Thailand. Italy is a lil crowded, perpetually muggy and more likely to get you drunk and penniless.


      • I’ve been to Greece. I remember my first view of Santorini. It was so beautiful I couldn’t breathe! Maybe, I am a door looking for a stronger hinge. I could spend my like traveling. That is when I feel the most free


      • I don’t think I was that blown away by Santorini (which must be the tourist trap of the archipelago as I don’t think I’ve spoken with anyone who has visited the other islands). But, it definitely struck a few chords with me. I wanted to jump from rooftop to rooftop. I want to ride the cable cars, again, then try a donkey. I found the people there to be the nicest of all I met on my trip. But, I could do without the shopping and being among rude American tourists as I was.

        I heard a lot about the Santorini sunset. I can’t say it was anything spectacular. But, it WAS special if you could catch the sun going between mountains like the Earth swallowing the light of day.

        Good metaphor, missy. I like that.

        πŸ™‚ Keep talking like that, and I am going to have to run away with you. But, I should not talk like that.


      • Lol! I didn’t care for the shopping either but the white against the deep blue water….amazing! And I sat on a rooftop enjoying that view while drinking wine and eating Greek pizza! Italy isn’t all crowded you know! Tivoli was my favorite.
        I also liked Monte Carlo. I thought it was gorgeous but could do without the people. The again, I wonder, would Barcelona be Barcelona without the crowds? Who’s to say. I do prefer sitting by myself on a rock halfway down the Grand Canyon or by a peaceful stream, soaking in the energy of the red rock in Sedona. It just depends on the mood but I admit, I did love dinner on the streets of Roma πŸ˜‰


      • Well, yes, the classic/iconic Greek color contrast of blue and white (which could also be said for Nice, France and its iconic “Cote Azure” if I spelled that right). I was more stunned by how the white buildings and rocky paths reminded me of Tatooine from Star Wars. I was expecting to see two suns/moons in the sky and thought I had a hip pouch strapped on.

        How nice for you. 😦 I had a few snacks made from tomatoes that grew without water and sipped a tiny glass of white wine on a group tour for about a half hour before walking the streets with two “healthy” shopping ladies who I paired up with so I wouldn’t be exploring completely alone.

        Well, no, but I didn’t get to see the serene less traveled parts of Italy, either. Even the “square” wasn’t crowded, but the heat was unbearable! And, I saw enough “gypsies” to bristle my porcupine quills.

        Sooo, you’ve gotten around is what yer saying. I have not. Oh the pleasures of business travel. Ah, the people, but what would business be without them? Ha HAaaaaauuugh…

        Okay OKAY! I get it. You’ve seen everything. Geeze. πŸ˜›


      • Oh, yea, those doors. πŸ˜› Yea, those were both funny and inspiring. I wonder why they don’t get ruined. I don’t know if I had ouzo…was that the white wine I had? I just remember this one waitress who was GORGEOUS with her long black hair. I kept glancing at her and thinking she noticed me staring but said nothing… Talk about a Wonder Woman…


      • I didn’t see any guys with muscles on my trip. Most guys were about my build if not weaker and older.

        If I had that waitress’ picture… I’d feel “pervy”. I don’t think the women were too keen on having their picture drawn or taken, though. Nor did they like making change. I just wanted to collect different Euro coins.

        Oh, that ouzo. Bleh. I am not a fan.


      • Exactly. Extremely unlikely. Just like the odds of the cabinet door and backdoor falling off their hinges the same day. Hilariously unlikely.
        Besides, buying one $1 ticket isn’t a big deal. I just meant one ticket right now during this string of odd luck.
        Lol sheesh. Playing the lottery doesn’t have to be like those gambling addicts you see in line buying $20-$30 worth of tickets at a time.

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      • πŸ™‚ One dollar isn’t a big deal; just like eating one cookie or free sample isn’t a big deal…then you get hungry or thirsty for more. One trick I’ve learned: Sometimes it just takes dipping your toe in something to cause a landslide.

        But, if you follow astrology, there ARE peak times for testing one’s luck. In ancient times, even that would be testing the gods and punishable by uncertain death or transformation.

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      • Not everyone has the same weaknesses. I have played the lottery exactly three times in my life just on a whim.
        Others have never played and never had an interest to. Everybody’s different. No need to demonize something that should be harmless just because some people go nuts with it.
        That’s the only point I was trying to make and it wasn’t even all that heavy-duty. God, now I’m really tired. >_<

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      • I am not addicted to much. I don’t care if I ever gamble. I have spent so many hours in casinos and never spent a dollar. It’s true, most of us are stronger than our weaknesses. Thank goodness for the ones who have self control πŸ˜‰

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      • Exactly. Which is great. And also SO far from the original point you were trying to make with this post of yours. I’m sorry I let it take such a turn away from your meaningful post.

        But at the same time, thanks so much for your patience. You have any left over for me to borrow? I’m just about tapped. Lol

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      • I have bought at least 30 dollars in lottery tickets and won, at most, five dollars. That’s a considerable difference in winning/losing (investment). I occasionally get lucky, but I would leave it up to chance via other means than buying lottery tickets. Entering contests in which I feel good about utilizing my creativity or wit sound better.

        People who would never play the lottery might be the most sane…or really boring.

        Who’s demonizing anyone, miss who poses as Harley Quinn? πŸ™‚

        Oh, poor you. Take a step away from the keyboard if your fingers are getting tired. Or, are ya just itching for more?

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      • Wow…. Okay I didn’t say a person was demonized. I said the thing itself was implied to be demonized by what you’re saying in a discussion that was supposed to be lighthearted in nature and then you got all extra serious unnecessarily.
        And it’s not my fingers that are tired. It’s my heart that’s tired. Weighed down by your super seriousness interjected into what was supposed to be a shared laugh about the little silly things in life that could bring us down but instead we laugh them off. I certainly wouldn’t be itching for more of that. The world has enough of that outside of this pleasant blog I enjoy reading, thank you very much.


      • Okay, calm-a down-a. Always with the Harley Quinn types, this sensitive reaction.

        Yes, I see you DID say “something” instead of “someone.”

        And, I wasn’t “demonizing” playing the lottery, either. That was the extreme word choice you made; not me. But, labeling the lottery as lighthearted fun is your invitation, your temptation for sinister behavior. You sound like the friend that gets the good girl or guy to dip her or his toe into trouble before starting a life of crime…which I guess fits the disguise you choose.

        Oh, please, super seriousness. It’s called rational thinking. And, you are making ME tired by carrying this on. Which is why I should not respond…but I am anyway, aren’t I?

        Well, we can’t live in a blog, can we?

        Now, breathe.


      • My sister puts a lottery ticket at each place setting for Christmas Eve. One year I won $100! Woohoo! Go me. And be nice to my other lovely blogging friends πŸ˜‰ Don’t scare them away. They don’t “know” you like I do


      • Sounds like festive fun, at least. In a way, it’s the thought that counts. But, it’s also a bit odd, spending money on chances of happiness that benefited (why is that a better spelling than “benefitted” which comes up erroneous?) only you. Happy holidays, everyone, but especially you over there. The rest of you, bah humbug:P hehe

        I ain’t scaring no one away, sista. Some just bring boxing gloves instead of handshakes.

        Survival of the fittest, perhaps?

        I don’t even know you the way I think I know you. πŸ™‚ We’re just gettin’ warmed up! [I say with a hint of Al Pacino.]


      • You crack me up! We certainly do see things different ways and I like it! It keeps things interesting.
        Not everyone gets your humor or finds you as amusing as I do. I am learning quite a bit from your interaction with some other bloggers. It’s a lesson I desperately needed and I am grateful for it.
        I don’t even know me . I’m versatile that way πŸ˜‰ every day I’m someone new. Isn’t that fantastic!


      • It’s the Mercury retrograde affecting me. [Why did I say Mars somewhere? It’s not a Mars retrograde…ergh.] Hey, when you say “different” like that, you really make me feel like a giant talking to a Smurfette. πŸ™‚ I don’t want to step on your mushroom. And, I’m no clod.

        Interesting…if I had a nickel for every time someone used that word…I’d be one rich Lucy from Peanuts and go bonkers because I think people use that as a safe word for what they’re really thinking.

        Yes, I bet you are enjoying my exposure to other bloggers/comment-makers like a good little P. State therapist. πŸ™‚

        Not knowing yourself makes you versatile? πŸ˜› Interesting philosophy, Inspiration-san.

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      • By different I mean, I love to be challenged to see things from a different perspective but how could you have known that since my blog is called… never mind.
        Are you making a short joke when you refer to me as smurfette? My son had the “ette” suffix to learn for biology and I used smurfette as a reference to remember it. You can step on all the mushrooms you want. I’ve never liked them anyway.
        The reason I like your exposure to other bloggers is because I clearly see how most people lack a sense of humor. They seem to be in fighting stance, always on the defensive. I used to be that way all the time but now I am learning not to take things so seriously. So there! However, I always have wanted to a therapist. Maybe this is as close as I’ll ever get.
        Finally, yes not knowing who I will be tomorrow makes me versatile. I can be any character I want and I like it πŸ˜‰


      • You are no challenge to me. But, so far, you are a pleasant breath of fresh air and good exercise for my heart/spirit and mind. πŸ™‚ I see us as two kids in high school who’d get in trouble for talking too much in the hallways and cafeteria but have a blast doing it.

        Yes, a little short joke. πŸ™‚ Just a tiny one. Pfff-ff…hahaaa I have to laugh at my word play:P

        Oh, but there are so many kinds of mushrooms. I love studying them. And, some are good on pizza. I take pictures of mushrooms when I go hiking. Those, leaves and butterflies.

        Oh, no. Everyone has a sense of humor. But, like you said, not everyone “gets it.” It’s as old as time.

        And, one person’s fighting stance is just their toes trying to grasp the temperature of the water/tone of speech. I myself am rather defensive, at first. Which is why I said I was screening your compliments because there were so many so soon; they seemed suspicious.

        Taking something seriously could change sooner or later. And, presuming someone is taking something seriously is hard to gauge online, sadly. It boils down to vocals (or lack of them).

        So, you WERE taking me more seriously in a different way earlier? πŸ˜› I worry I won’t be taken seriously when I want to be…sort of like the boy who cries wolf. I’m not always “on stage” ya know. I’m not playing games as much as I am being serious. And, sometimes, I need to watch myself. Which is why I need to pump the breaks when I get a compliment.

        Hmm hmm πŸ™‚ Yes, I would gladly be your therapist. But, if I discovered you to be too chatty, I’d start looking for a parachute. πŸ˜›

        But, what grounds you if you are always changing?


      • Crap. I wrote a long response and my phone rang and I lost it. Yoga Glinda me and mature too. When I can feel my feet planted firmly on the ground, I am home. A few months after O started yoga my son told yoga brought me happy back. I stopped taking myself so seriously on the mat and then it happened off the mat and in my life. How sad. I didn’t know my happy was broken 😦 I was so fed up and hopeless when it came to humanity and I found my people at yoga. I didn’t fit into this abrasive, mean world and the studio gave me a place I finally belonged. I was reminded to look for the flicker of light and not focus on the dark. They restored my hope. I also listen to Wayne Dyer and he helps keep me calm and balances. I am so glad I have the audio version because so can obsessively clean and listen at the same time. One of my favorite things to do is breathe in calm and breathe out bullshit. It works every single time. And someone sent me a meditation called Fu&k It and it always brightens my mood. I know I may sound frustrated and discouraged but those are just words. Once I dump them, my heart and head are in the right place


      • Ah, the mishaps of modern technology.

        Wait, what? Yoga Glinda you and mature too? Am I missing some words?

        I had my feet on solid Italian ground and was approached by an unsettling man in a plaid suit when I was one step from dehydration in Vatican Square. I did not feel at home or safe.

        I think many here are using their phones to blog and comment… I dunno if I should be jealous or laugh.

        The last time I seriously tried yoga, my sister farted in the rocking chair position, and I wet the floor:P

        I find it funny the guy you listen to has a last named that sounds like a fatal situation…or just a male malfunction.

        I’d be scared to see bullshit come out of your mouth:P

        I am sure those you dump bullshit on are relieved that you feel better afterward. πŸ˜›


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