Yesterday You Said Tomorrow


Another great post by Dream Big, Dream Often. What has been haunting you for a long time? What have you been putting off? The time to do it is now.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Each day of our lives we are faced with decisions.  Some are simple like which way should one hang the toilet paper: sheets over or sheets under?  And others are so important that we can’t find it in ourselves to make a decision one way or the other.  So we float in the middle.  But what we don’t realize is that by putting off making a decision we have already in essence made a decision.

jumpstartWhat is keeping you from adopting Nike’s old slogan and “just do it?”  Is it fear?  Is it laziness?

What is it that you need to address in your life?  What have you been neglecting for years?  Is it your health?  Is it your credit?  Is it disorganization?  What is it?  I’m talking about that thing that creeps into your mind during your alone time. That thing that haunts you during the last moments before…

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