If Tomorrow Never Comes


Dream Big, Dream Often wrote a post I recently reblogged called, In the blink of an eye the life you know can change forever. Those words are scary and they are so true. I do believe some of us are more aware of this than others. I’ve been tapped into that knowing for quite some time now to the point I think it may cause some of my anxiety. I remember a time not so long ago that should have been a happy time. It was a holiday and everyone was aggravated and focused on the things that really don’t matter. I was devastated and for good reason. I knew that that day, that moment was one we could never get back. I wanted so much for it to be special and filled with laughter and love but the day had a different plan. I spent the day mourning what should have been while I was sick inside over what it was. I knew I couldn’t change it, I just wished other people could see the significance of the day for what it was. A chance for us to embrace this time we were fortunate enough to have where we were there all together. The truth is, because I don’t live close to family, every time  I visit, I feel so grateful that all the people I love are right there all around me. I spend a lot of time alone and it means so much to have these opportunities that are few and far between. So, when I watch them get ruined over something ridiculous, it absolutely breaks me heart. We cannot get a single minute back and we have to live every day trying to remember how precious each and every moment really is.

There is a girl I know from my childhood who is very sick. I follow her story on Facebook and from one day to the next, her life really does significantly change. She is so grateful for the outpouring of support and for the days she feels well enough to get out of bed. But the rest of us? We get so crazy over the littlest things. The hard part is trying to keep it all in perspective because we have no control over the things that feel “big”. We get stressed and angry and anxious and often times we don’t choose those feelings, they just show up and we don’t have the ability to make them go away. We are human beings doing the best we can. We are affected by the news, the people in our lives, even an innocent message from someone on Facebook or WordPress. We feel and its that very thing that reminds us we are alive. We have to feel the difficult moments so we can fully embrace and feel the amazing ones. It doesn’t seem fair but the reality is we cannot pick and choose. So today and everyday, it’s important to remind ourselves to be grateful for the life we have today. We have to appreciate all of it, the good, the bad and the in between. Every circumstance or person who presents itself offers something, maybe simply a lesson, we just never know. The hard part is believing we are who we are in this moment because of each and every day, not just the ones we would handpick for ourselves to remember. That trust is one of the hardest things. Appreciate all of it. Every person who has made you feel love and all the ones that leave you with pain and regret. Embrace the good memories, the bad memories and try and accept and love people just the way they are. It’s true, we could wake up tomorrow and our whole world could be shaken up, changed. And what choice would we have but to go on and do our best to try harder, love deeper and remember today is a gift we may not have the privilege to open tomorrow. Pick up the phone today and call a friend. Plan a day to meet for coffee or start planning that visit home. Let people know they mean something to you. That is a gift we all love to receive. Live smarter and love deeper and forgive yourself when you have a tough day. You never know what tomorrow will bring so make sure you appreciate today.

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