In the Blink of An Eye the Life You Know Can Change Forever


A great message on Monday morning! Thank you Dream Big, Dream Often for the reminder and inspiration

Dream Big, Dream Often

In the blink of an eye the life you know can change forever.

I read a post last night on Alicia Keller Coaching that inspired this post.  Her challenge was to take inventory of how we spend our lives and how the trivial matters we waste energy on become insignificant if today were our last day alive.

It is human nature to take life for granted.  We live under the guise that everything is always going to be okay.  If not, we would be in a constant state of paranoia and fear.  That would not be healthy.  So our mind protects us as it always does.

The sad part of life is that someone, somewhere is getting a phone call right now that will change their life forever; not in a good way.  A husband is dying in a car accident as I type this.  Someone just took their last…

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