This is What Too Much Looks Like


For those of you who like to argue the school topic with me, I want to share this picture. 

 This poor kid has 2 solid days of some weird testing to determine his strength and weaknesses and 3 chapter tests on Friday. He is completely wiped out. Too much is too much.

7 thoughts on “This is What Too Much Looks Like

    • Some people think I exaggerate how difficult school is for these kids but my son works so hard to keep up and he is always mentally and physically exhausted. He does work after school from the time he gets home until the time he goes to sleep. Everyone needs a break and to step away for awhile. It kills me to see him so tired all the time 😦


  1. Aww, I hope your son feels better soon. 😦 I do believe our education system is flawed. It basically measures how much a student can retain and memorize/understand. It’s not fair to all the students because not everyone learns the same way. For example, some students may not be able to write and explain how to build a table, but they may know how to actually build one when given the materials. I believe we all process certain talents and it’s important we do not only focus on one aspect.

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