A Tough Decision


It’s a Friday night and I am alone. One kid is skating and the other is hanging out with friends. The husbands away and I have a choice. I can go home and eat an entire carton of ice cream while feeling pathetically sorry for myself or I can go and catch the movie I’ve been wanting to see. Gotta go! It will be starting soon. Do whatever feels good to your soul. Then do it again tomorrow too.

7 thoughts on “A Tough Decision

  1. So, you watched a movie twice?:P You said to do it again tomorrow.

    I hate hearing women say they will eat a carton of ice cream. That is…if a woman eats a whole gallon, I fear for her health (both mental/emotional and physical). And, if she thinks eating a tiny pint is gorging herself, I want to strangle her and tell her how stupid that sounds. 😛

    So, was it a pint or gallon bucket? If chocolate is involved, hand it over…or share.

    I know this is after the event/fact.


    • I didn’t need it after all. Yes I saw two different movies I love them because I am totally in the moment not thinking about anything else. Such freedom. I do eat a lot of ice cream but usually only from Dairy Queen and I get a mini blizzard. That really is enough.


      • I can’t seem to watch a movie and just enjoy it right now. I always feel guilty and as if I should be doing something else.

        My freedom is on a string like a Mylar balloon.

        I don’t consider Dairy Queen good ice cream. It’s for sweet treats in, yes, diminutive sizes. I like the Peanut Buster Parfait when I am nuts for peanuts. My family used to go there for ice cream cakes.


      • Yea, well, I doubt you got to the theater often or had time for many rentals when the kids were toddlers. But, then again, maybe you did.

        Kopps is my home; frozen custard. They once had a great Watermelon custard. Served with a signature triangle wafer cookie. No gelato can compare.


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