Love Them Now


As I dropped my son off at school today, I said a little prayer that all the hours he put into studying pays off when he takes his tests later in the day. As I was pulling away I thought of all the tragedies that have happened over the last few years. Who would ever think when you drop off your kid at school that some maniac could show up to harm them? Why our kids? Why the precious souls who we protect and nurture from the time they are just a tiny pea inside our growing bodies? I get so crazy about all the stress and grades and the work that never seems to end but I can’t help but ask myself, does any of it even matter? Do I put so much emphasis and attention on the things that really don’t matter that I am missing my opportunity to take advantage of the things that should? Is it okay for our lives to be cell phones and school work and never take the time for laughter, sharing and just spending time together? Life is so short and each day is so unexpected. You never know what is coming from one minute to the next and that is our wake up call to use our time in the most valuable way. Hug your babies when they leave for school today. Hug your spouse, call your mom and take the time to look at them and appreciate them like you will never see them again. See them now, today while you still can.


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