You Can’t Always Get What You Want


Tonight, a very important lesson was reinforced for me. I can’t always get what I want. That’s just the way it is. Sometimes getting what I want is dependent on someone giving me what I want and let’s face it, people can be pretty difficult sometimes. We went for pizza tonight and three out of four of us eat pepperoni so we ordered a pizza 3/4 pepperoni. The pizza man refused our request and made us choose between half and half or putting pepperoni on the whole thing. He did not go to the school that teaches the job is to make the customer happy. So what did we do? We picked the pepperoni off of my sons two pieces. Some things will never make sense but in the end, everyone was happy. Lesson: give people what they want if you can. If the power is in your hands, perform some magic.


Waiting to hear your thoughts....

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