Like a Rock


I’m starting to see the beauty and logic behind the infamous rock cycle. We can learn a great deal from those rocks and if we are lucky enough, learn to weather exactly the way they do. Life can sometimes be a process of breaking down and being stripped of our perception of who we are. Erosion comes in many forms. So many things can carry us away to a place that seems so far from where we want to be. Eventually we settle down. Our mind relaxes and through the timely process and stormy conditions, we begin again.When there is only the slightest remnant left of who we used to be, when we think our existence has shrunk to a level that doesn’t matter, the world conspires to make us a stronger, more confident version of who we used to be. There is no sense fighting what we cannot change. It is exhausting spending endless amounts of energy swimming upstream. So when we finally sit back and observe what is happening, that is when the transformation really takes place. That is when that voice that has been whispering “I can’t do this anymore” gets drown out by the voice that says, “yes you can, try again.” And that’s exactly what you decide to do. You go on and wait patiently as the cycle goes round and round. I believe we are given exactly what we need at the moment we need it most. We can find amazing strength inside that we never knew existed before. Time breaks us down and we rebuild and move on. We are constantly changing into who we need to be, secretly preparing for whatever comes next. Be like a rock-solid and strong yet forever changing. 

8 thoughts on “Like a Rock

  1. Are you saying a rock is whittled down to nothing only to be the strongest fragment of what it originally was (possibly a mountain)? I don’t think that sounds right. If a rock is whittled down to a sliver, shard or wafer, it will likely snap or disintegrate rather than become stronger or gather mass. Right? πŸ™‚

    So, are we just eroding against the winds of “majority rule” until we are nothing or what?

    I will just pretend all this erosion and scary change is preparing me for an episode of Heroes where life takes a dramatic upswing during a solar eclipse… Ah, there’s the iconic tune that sounds like Indian elevator music.

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