Have you ever realized you were doing something awful and continued to do it anyway? Yeah, that happened to me tonight. I know it won’t do me any good to beat myself up about it but I am extremely angry with myself. How come it isn’t easier to stop something we know just isn’t right and is detrimental to ourselves and others? The worst part of the whole situation is I’ve done it over and over again for these last few days. I hope tomorrow brings better choices.

Is there something you do that you know you shouldn’t because it doesn’t leave you or anyone else around you in a positive place? I’d love to hear about it.


11 thoughts on “Regret 

  1. I’ve always want to be friends with the ‘cool and popular’ kids and I try a lot, but it never works out. But then again, I don’t even like them that much. I just end up being sad after talking to them.


  2. I have found out a lot about friendship in the last four years of crisis. What you find out is people you thought would be there for you , weren’t and the ones you least expect to be there , are. It’s in those hurtful , honest moments that you realize that even though you care, they don’t. Don’t contact them and see how long they go before they contact you.The longer it takes,the less it matters. I started contacting those who proved to really love me and started weeing how I could meet their needs. It’s made me a lot happier instead of waiting around for someone to call who isn’t going to call and doesn’t care.

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