How Are You?


We are sitting here in the orthodontist office patiently waiting to get Chases braces off. The girl finally called him back. As they were walking away she asked, how are you? And he answered, good, how are you? I silently cheered inside. Always be the one who asks, not just the one who answers. Be polite and genuinely interested in people. It does make a difference. He could have stopped at good but I am so glad he didn’t. Be the difference.

How are you today?


18 thoughts on “How Are You?

  1. That’s something we try to impart on our boys daily, to be polite and always have good manners. It makes you stand out in many ways. People are almost shocked by a polite kid who says please, holds a door for someone, or says excuse me.

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      • Yeah, I think we should. Can’t tell you how many times someone has come up to us and complimented one of the boys for being polite, like they were shocked to see it. It makes me proud, but also dismayed that that’s not the norm.

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      • That’s great that he wanted to do that! Ours ae that way too. We’ve turned around and bought food for people when traveling, they’ve asked us for money to put in the bucket of homeless at intersections, and would give up a gift for themselves to donate to Angel Tree or the resource center at their school. It’s cool to watch them be sensitive to others’ needs instead of just themselves. Hopefully they’ll do the the same for their kids.


  2. Absolutely! Asking and waiting for the response can make all the difference in someone’s life too. We never know. And on that note I’m well thank you… Multitasking quite a bit as usual! You?


  3. Miss Katrina

    I think this is a really good point! I am always constant on telling people to have a good day, but I fail to do the step prior to that and ask how their day is going? I definitely will work on this.

    Kudos to your son and your parenting! Now, how are you?

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  4. the-reluctant-parent

    the wife doesn’t like to ask “How or you” or get asked that because she feels that, in both cases, it’s just a cultural formality that has become meaningless because people really aren’t interested in how you’re doing, not really, not beyond the “I’m okay” generic response?

    I, on the other hand, ask when I think of it and I’m genuinely interested but in a world where most people ask the question just because it’s the polite thing to do, I wonder if it’s hard a lot of times to tell the genuine from the pretenders, if that all makes sense?


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