Lead By Example


Something came to my attention that reminded me of a very important lesson. When I checked the online school portal earlier today, there was an update that said something like this. Kayleigh received 8 points extra credit because Mr. A was late to class. This wonderful teacher held himself to the same level of accountability as he does his students. He leads by example instead of teaching, do as I say and not as I do. I believe as a parent this is crucial to remember. Be an example, admit when you are wrong and never expect more from somebody else than you expect from yourself. Thank you Mr. A. For this important reminder.


7 thoughts on “Lead By Example

    • Nope me either. This is also the teacher who gave extra credit for seeing The Martian movie and they got points equivalent to the time it took to drive to the theatre. Lesson: your time is important. It’s certainly a new way to lead but I like it and my daughter is super motivated even though this is by far her most difficult class. Life lessons are so important!

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      • The teachers that I remember the most life lessons about were those that dealt with us (the students) differently than other teachers. My favorite teacher also put me on lunch detention 3 or 4 times but I still loved him. I returned to school after graduating several times to visit him. Those teachers left an impression on me.


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