Where Did You Put My Keys?


On a rare occasion, I actually get to sleep in. It had been raining most of last night so the morning was cool and dark, perfect conditions for extended sleeping. Out of nowhere, a blur came flying through my bedroom door. The noise startled me and the dogs so of course they started barking. My daughter was in panic mode asking if I had moved her keys. I could barely open my eyes enough to see but I did my best to help her look. I looked in all the usual places and there were no keys in sight. Finally, after several minutes, she mumbled something about wishing people would stop moving her stuff and headed out the door. Where do you think she found her keys? Inside her sneaker on the living room floor that she swore she didn’t put there, even though I find the shoes she wore the day before in that very place on most mornings. I waited a few minutes and then texted her to let her know I found her brain in the other shoe. I’m sure that text went unappreciated.

The truth is, we often blame others for our own misfortune. If we are late to work, it is because the guy in front of us was driving too slow. If we forget an appointment, it is because someone moved the piece of paper we wrote it down on. Why is it so hard to admit we screwed up, made a mistake or were simply irresponsible? I keep thinking of the man in McDonalds who wanted all the lights moved because they are low enough to “make” him hit his head. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to hit our head on the same light 13 times or lose our keys twice a week. What isn’t okay is to miss the lesson and the opportunity for growth. We are meant to take responsibility for our mistakes, learn from them and hopefully not make the same ones over and over again. That is my message today. Stop blaming other people and stop making excuses. Learn from mistakes and allow them to help you grow. Forgive yourself for your imperfections and apologize to your mom for all the things you’ve blamed her for. Oh! And put your keys in the same place everytime you get home and I guarantee you will find them the next day.

13 thoughts on “Where Did You Put My Keys?

  1. I needed this. The first thought in my head is “somebody took it” annoying my husband greatly. Since I often find whatever it was I am looking for, I look very hard and long before mentioning its loss. Consequently, too much time had passed between the time, I missed my jewelry and mentioning it to my husband. My step-daughter had pawned not only my jewelry but my husband’s. I would say The Boy Who Cried Wolf applies to my situation. However, when my husband misplaces his wallet, he demands that everyone within shouting distance stop what they are doing and look for it. It is so annoying but you choose your battles.


  2. koppieop

    I’m not model of tidiness but of course I do misplace things sometimes. Usually, it doesn’t take me much time to find them. On one occasion, I couldn’t find my tennisracket (not exactly a small object that could have remained under a book or a handkerchief. It was not its customary place, but I remembered clearly having left it there.
    When it was really time to go, before I left I resorted to Saint Anthony, the Catholic Patron of Lost Things. Now, I’m a nonbeliever living among Catholic families, so I know this saint “exists” but I do not know him, much less could send him a prayer.
    So I just thought by myself “Saint Anthony, who specializes in recovering lost object, COULD help me to get this bat back but, of course, I wonder if he will do so”.
    I went to play with a spare racket. Back home, before going to sleep, I attempted another search and then, I saw the racket! Not exactly on the spot where I had left it, but very near, I had simply overlooked it. So glad I didn’t blame anybody!


    • I ask for St Anthony’s help often. I am usually searching for my phone and I am talking on it. I think my brain has been abducted by aliens. Last time I looked for my keys they were hanging on my shirt. I have one of those dorky hooks. The biggest problem is we look for things that are lost that are not actually lost πŸ™‚


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