Before My Eyes


Today was cold. I actually dragged my Uggs out and dusted them off to wear on my feet. It’s easy to not notice the things that are obvious and staring me right in the face. When you look at something day after day, the changes are so subtle that they often go unnoticed. We went to the outlets today to get the kids some winter clothes. Today that in between stage came to an end as my youngest moved out of kids clothes and into men’s clothes. I had to notice. I couldn’t miss that one. The clothes are so much bigger on “that” side of the store and I stood there shaking my head wondering, when did all of this happen? My youngest, my baby, in men’s clothes. Look closer. Don’t miss the changes that are happening right before your eyes. Find a way to ignore the distractions and pay attention to what is really important. Someday you will look back on this day and probably wish you looked a little closer. Start now. Do it today.

14 thoughts on “Before My Eyes

  1. koolaidmoms

    Right there with you! I looked at my son today and had to look up. When did that happen? I used to have to bend down to look him in the eyes. Now he is stooping down to look me in the eyes.

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  2. So true. My kids grew fast. Thankfully my grandson has. Bern about the same size for two years. He doesn’t like being the smallest one in the class but I get to still have a grandkid still


  3. The hard part is getting rid of the old clothes. Just don’t look. Pack the boxes blindfolded if you need to do so. But, don’t dwell on the past too much, or you weigh yourself down. And, your grown kids will just bore you to tears with their, “Moooooom! [I’m a grown person, now.]” I say this as if I was a parent. 😛

    My sis is going through the first stages of what you’re feeling with the kids’ feet constantly exceeding the sizes of infant shoes. That and the one is just a two-ton giant who consumes all food in his wake.

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      • Well, that’s some relief…unless he doesn’t want you to get rid of them so fast. I know I never liked my mother getting rid of things I still enjoyed if she thought it meant “neatness and order.” It’s that mindset that cost me some of my early artwork even after I stashed it in what I thought was a safe place out of view.

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