Giving Up Control


Today’s a big day in our house. I know to some it will seem silly but for me, it’s a major step in a new direction. I am a control freak. There I said it. I have no idea how I got this way but I did and the good thing is that I recognize it in myself. In some ways it’s a blessing. I am organized, always on the ball and ahead of life instead of chasing behind it trying to catch up. For the people in my life though, it’s probably not a blessing at all. I have an opinion about how everything should be, a strong one. So, after 16 years of having my first child, I am finally letting her take control of her own hair. As long as it doesn’t involve crazy colors(yes I held onto a little control) she can do whatever she wants. Am I nervous? Yes, but it’s so important to do whatever it takes to make you feel the most beautiful version of yourself on the inside and out. Wish me luck as I try and sit there with my lips zipped and probably my eyes closed.

11 thoughts on “Giving Up Control

  1. Wow; letting her handle her own hair is a challenge for you? 😛 I thought this was something bigger like letting some crew come into the house, your HQ, and having them de-bug the place once and for all with one of those bombs that makes you want to get rid of everything but the kitchen sink. And then the kitchen sink clogs, and you throw that out, too. 🙂 There I go again with the sillies.

    Yea, I’d have problems with dying it colors, too. And, as Vic said, mo hawks. I’d probably not give the usual parent speech, though. I’d simply say I don’t like those looks on girls and choke as I tell my daughter how pretty she is naturally (as it makes me feel like one of those inbreeding cousins or the mom from “Curse of the Golden Flower” for a second).


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