Ever Feel Stuck?


Sometimes I have some pretty specific plans but life changes them. I am sitting here in my car that won’t start frustrated that I cannot do the things I need to do today. My niece has a birthday on Thursday and I brainlessly sent her gift to Oklahoma instead of Pennsylvania so the first thing on my list was mailing her package. The second was food shopping because I avoided the dreaded task all weekend and now I am left stranded with no dinner plan. I feel like this often…stuck and forced to deal with the situation that has been handed to me. They say you can learn a lot about yourself by the way you react to situations like this and I am not reacting at all. That is one thing about depression that sometimes comes in handy. You don’t really want to do the things you have to do anyway so when you can’t do them it’s almost bittersweet.  Usually my husbands truck is here but that along with his car, is sitting in his parking lot at work so I’ll just sit here for now without the need to ponder what I will do next because there is nothing that I can do. Do you ever feel stuck? What do you do about it? How do you react?


12 thoughts on “Ever Feel Stuck?

  1. Uh bwaaaah?? How do you send something to the wrong state?

    So, instead of leaping to the challenge, you feel like sinking into the sea you were cast with the weight tied to your ankle? I didn’t realize you were in such a funk.

    He has two vehicles at his workplace on top of the one in which you are stuck?? I shall pay a visit to the KK ranch to see what other vehicles I can borrow….woosh.

    How nice you have a cyber space to scream whilst stuck in an idle car. πŸ˜€ Who will hear her scream if they do not read her blog? For once, this may not be the best SOS. How will she get out of this mess? Tune in next time, true believers. Same blog time; same blog channel!


    • You seem to have a chip on your shoulder. I don’t get it nor will I even try and understand it. However, I am in a funk and you should understand that better than anyone. The truth is I was up all night with a stomach bug and my husbands boss is in town so he couldn’t just run to give me the car. All I wanted to do was get that box shipped out and it wasn’t in the cards. I told that sweet girl her present was on its way and my word is important so yes I was bummed.


      • I know my mixed tone may be a bit confusing. I can hear the snide bits as I read back but am pretty sure I had no bitter intent coming from anywhere. I feel like my brain and fingers just roll with the impulse punches.

        Yes, and that is why I addressed the potential depths of the funk. And, I don’t mean the kind of funk you bring when you want to get down and boogie.

        Ew, stomach bugs. Were you still suffering whilst stuck in the car?

        I presume this was a duplicate package since one was sent to the wrong state?

        I am sure the girl will understand if you present this honest and discouraging tale. I like your determination to stick to your word.


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      • Nope, not a duplicate package. I just sent it to my house instead of hers probably due to the funk. What’s even funnier is when I finally did get a battery put in the car and it did run, I drove across town to food shop and discovered I left my purse at home. I think I was meant to be home yesterday and that’s all there is to it. I am feeling better now thankfully so all is well. And I woke up to the news my new nephew has made his arrival 3 weeks early. Today is a good day πŸ™‚


      • Oh, right. Your address. I forgot the sweatshirt…

        Well, that is some funk.

        Now, that I think of it, that could be really funny…if you got the package in the mail and thought it was for you. πŸ˜›

        Oy vey, with the purse.

        Yep, I’d take it as a sign to slow down and/or redirect.

        Hmm. I am not sure about the new arrival time. But, if it makes you feel better; good. πŸ™‚


      • Let’s not create that movie image of the depressed woman holding the spoiled milk and sulking until her head is completely between her shoulders. πŸ™‚

        But, left in the car a whole week? That is a feat.


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