Day 1 Quote Challenge


I was invited to do the 3 day challenge by Everyone knows I love quotes so of course I accept.  The rules are simple. Post one quote each day for three days and invite 3 people to play along.

Day One:

Leap, and the net will appear~~John Burroughs

I nominate(under no obligation)

4 thoughts on “Day 1 Quote Challenge

      • Sorry for the late reply! I am doing better. I’m still in pain but I’m okay. Currently I’m translating a Chinese internet novel into English. It is a challenge but it’s interesting.

        How are you?! I know you have been stressed fighting for your child. Keep up the good work. I hope things will get better.

        P.S. it’s awesome how you’re able to help your son so much with his homework.

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      • Wow! It sounds like you have a real challenge there. Good luck. I’ve been great. It’s been a great two weeks with my son and school lately. Thank goodness. Advocating is exhausting! Glad to hear you’re feeling a little better ❤️

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