I’m Not Interested In Your Opinion


Facebook can really be enlightening. If there is one thing most wouldn’t dare argue, it’s that there are so many varieties of opinions out there. Everywhere you look on social media and most conversations you have on a daily basis are filled with people spewing their opinions. I do believe there was a time we could simply state our opinion and leave it at that but these days we feel we are entitled to an opinion and if someone feels different than we do then they are obviously wrong. Why do we feel the need to throw more sticks on an already raging fire? I can see if something is really, truly important to us but if not why even go there?

For the rest of this week, I am going to try and keep my opinions to myself. If someone says something that lights a fire underneath me, I will allow it to simmer and burn out rather than turn up the heat. I’m not even sure I can do it but if it brings peace to my surrounding world then I am willing to try it. Can you do it? Will you?


39 thoughts on “I’m Not Interested In Your Opinion

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    This is an interesting call to a necessary challenge, especially when it comes to politics. I post a lot of links on facebook and I probably shouldn’t comment on them or even post them in the first place. A friend of the wife’s calls my comments “crackpottery” which is just another way to marginalize and minimize my oppinions so I politely suggested that if he feels that my thoughts on matters concerning such things are said term as well as illogical, that it would be best if he simply not engage with me on such topics in the future.

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  2. koppieop

    Love the titel of your post! As a matter of fact, I AM interested in your opinion, provided you either agree with mine – eventually adding something readable, or in disagreement but in a way that might open my eyes to new viewpoint.
    Topics I would try to avoid in this regard are, for example, those based on the arguments of religious-minded people, versus nonbelievers. Greetings.-

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  3. koppieop

    On re-reading my post (being moderated), I fear having given a wrong impression. As said, I like the title of your article, I just tried to not take it in the literal sense of disregarding any opinion. I might add that I’m not (yet?) a facebook fan because indeed, reading many comments can discourage one to make comments. I hope to have clarified my earlier post, thank you for reading these lines.-

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    • I knew what you meant πŸ˜‰ I have a love: hate relationship withFacebook. The comments can make my blood boil but when I see all the pictures of my nieces and nephews since I live far away I am so grateful. I have finally come to a point that I realize you have to agree to disagree because 9 times out of 10 arguing your point won’t change anyone’s mind. Many are not open enough to actually be receptive to new ideas. Sometimes though, a good conversation can make an important difference πŸ˜‰

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      • koppieop

        Well said! So, 95% – idle conversations – would then consitute the hate-side, and 5% -recent pictures of nieces and nephews plus, in my case, most of our 21 grandchildren – the love-side of the worthwhile relationship with fb that we seem to share…
        Glad to have stumbled upon your blog, duly earmarked now. hoping to learn more from you.-

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  4. Because of “social media” (that term really sickens me), people are as daring as they are afraid to share their opinions. You are getting a rather good perspective on who the predators and prey are among the disguised humans. Meaning, some of us are more like wolves, and others are more like sheep.

    In some cases, if people don’t find the nerve to voice those opinions, they get swept under rugs. Just as I had to find MY voice to avoid death by the hand of another. Some who suffer from “funk” might succumb to it if they don’t shout out what they feel.

    I imagine scrolling through hundreds of “postings” on any website would be mind-numbing, and ignoring some might be callous. Not engaging some “issues” could leave troubles unresolved. I imagine anyone posting such matters might unconsciously be crying out for help. While some are just venting/logging what happens in their daily life as if to get a grip on their actions.

    I used to keep so many opinions to myself. And, where did it get me? Sure, I stayed out of trouble. But, I also remained a mystery from which people drew erroneous conclusions, like thinking I was gay in high school because I didn’t voice my opinion about every pretty face that crossed my path. I’m sorry, I don’t care to express in so many words how I imagine sex would be with her and her and maybe her. I sometimes would be labeled a snob, too. But, I was just trying to respect my faith and people in general by not being lewd. However, if I was comfortable speaking my mind, I’d still probably tell the person how I felt privately rather than voice it before the whole class.

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      • Those who like to cause stirs, as I have mentioned before, tend to be imps who thrive on violent or emotional reaction. They are the ones who flash crooked Joker smiles when you get upset or use words you normally do not.

        The term bully is being abused presently. So, lots of loud, vocal or aggressive people are going to be improperly labeled. The same way the word gay has been abused as a substitute for stupid or weird.


      • I guess we all define things different ways. Let’s throw in the words abrasive, pushy, domineering. Is that better? People should leave others well enough alone instead of berating. It’s rude and insensitive and no one needs that kind of energy these days


      • Fine. Just wait til I am all three. πŸ˜›

        One person’s berating is another person’s tough love tap.

        I was going to say earlier, if you don’t like my opinions, you might miss me in the following weeks…or years. πŸ˜€


      • No, I get the point. I also get that your nerves are a lil sensitive like after eating hot food and burning your tongue. So, smaller things are going to agitate you.

        I have no intent on being mean to you. But, I am being honest. If my opinions bother you, then I will have to zip my fingers and stay away from your posts.


      • You are almost impossible. Your opinions are welcome and yes some of them may rub me the wrong way but it’s the people who inflict the biggest reactions who teach you the most. It does come down to your own choice. As much as I sometimes find your comments agitating, others are very eye opening. It probably has something to do with our signs? Yes?


      • And, you are Kim Possible. πŸ˜€

        I guess you just got my brain fired up with that opinion post. I should have just let it blow over me. But, I didn’t like the idea of you shutting yourself up and not sharing your opinions just because you MIGHT cause some thunder to rumble. Yes, any “control freak” might need to rein in themselves once in a while. But, you should not close up your brain’s shop because someone made you feel sharing your thoughts only caused trouble. Yet, if a certain someone repeatedly clashes with you…then maybe a tactical retreat isn’t the worst idea.

        I forget your sign(s), already. I just see you as a Minnie Mouse who occasionally gets that high pitch voice when something makes her say, “Oh dear!” πŸ™‚ I have to try not to stoke the flames of funky nerves.


      • Kim Possible! To give you some background, I have adult family members who challenge me on everything. Even if something is green and I say it’s green, they will argue that it’s not. It’s exhausting and this tough love thing has destroyed me over the years. I have been tackled and tackled until just about every bone in my body along with my spirit has felt broken. I ache for kindness in words and actions and I just want everyone to be nice. Don’t take it personally. You remind me of them lol! That’s not your fault. I just want relationships to have an easy button. Sometimes tough love and constant lack of acceptance turns me off on people all together. I am sensitive yes but tougher than I care to think about. I’m a TAURUS .)


      • Yea, you know that kids cartoon about the red-haired super spy girl? Kim Possible.

        Well, then, like me, you may be challenge-overloaded. πŸ™‚ Welcome to the “Man, Is My Back Sore From All the Shoving” Club.

        I never thought my family was the gym teacher type, but they sure have their moments.

        Well, I’d happily patch you back together…and then unintentionally or subconsciously test you, again. πŸ™‚

        Kindness is almost alien to me. Happiness almost seems a sickening joke. I either get envious or cynical. I just have such a hard time letting any of it into my life if it ever appears. I’ll cry before I enjoy anything.

        I am not sure if I am taking things personally or just reflecting them like tennis balls thrown at me. I see them as opportunities. But, unless something is fired DIRECTLY at me, at my private space, I guess it can’t be personal.

        Oh geez… πŸ™‚ Well, then our families would have a hoot at Thanksgiving together. I’d suggest you and I take the pumpkin pie and cocoa and go somewhere more quiet.

        Ha. An easy button. Have you been watching those Office Max/Depot commercials lately?:P

        Maybe the incessant tough love business is just a wake up call to the world around us, though. Maybe it’s a warning to thicken our skins and grow a lil body hair for warmth before the real ice age sets in. Maybe it’s preparing us for tougher times ahead.

        Oh, yes, the loveable Taurus. How could I forget. πŸ™‚

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      • Hmm. It would be a compromise for me…unless we can bring both pies. I can’t do Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Which reminds me…I need to caramel an apple really soon before Halloween arrives, or I will enter winter a grumpy guy.

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      • How can anyone eat one while we’re not looking? It’s just you and me sitting away from the mob. If someone steals a pie from us, there’s gonna be trouble. Or, we just move to Baker Square for the night.

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