Life’s Little Miracles


Today my nephew decided to greet the world. Isn’t it amazing how one simple event can put so many things into perspective all at once?  There are so many daily aggravations and  struggles that sometimes we forget to focus on the miracle it is that we are even alive. For whatever reason, we are born into a particular family and that family is the first influence that determines who we are and who we are meant to be. It’s hard to believe that life is random and everything comes down to coincidence. For me personally, I believe things turn out the way they should and sometimes they don’t make sense because we are always looking at a very small part of an enormous picture. I wish this little guy peace and happiness and the courage and ability to always stand strong on his own two feet. And of course, the rest of the crazy bunch(my family) will be cheering him on from the sidelines as he learns to walk through this exciting world. Pay attention to the miracles all around you. Don’t miss them because you are busy looking in the wrong direction. They are there and they are beautiful.


12 thoughts on “Life’s Little Miracles

  1. koppieop

    Babies greeting the world often remind me of that saying by Ralph Emerson you probably know:
    “When you were born, you were crying and everyone else was smiling. Live your life so that at the end, your’re the one who is smiling and everyone else is crying”.-

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