You Do Matter


Fall is a time that blatantly screams change in its magnificent hues and colors. This is always that time of year that I feel a new sense of hope and a burst of enthsiasm. It reminds me that change brings with it so much promise for something better, something different. It’s hard to watch the leaves fall off the trees. Every time I see one, it reminds me of the years I have lost, the people I have lost but it also forces me to remember that those trees will give birth to new leaves and promise of something even more beautiful than the year before. As we celebrate the birth of my nephew I can’t help but see my own place on a very large tree where the branches, although growing apart are still intertwined and very connected. We all have that base. Some call it roots, others family and still others refer to it as being grounded. We are not alone even if we think we feel that way. We are part of a magnificent perfection that grows and changes over time. It is solid and as new branches appear and others break away, every single branch is what makes that tree amazing and whole. Today, look in the mirror and tell yourself, I am important. I do matter and just being alive is purpose enough.

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