How Do You React?


I have discovered over the last few years that my reaction to what life throws at me shows  me the real truth about my character. It’s so easy to see how crazy other people can act yet sometimes it’s impossible to see it in myself. It took a long time to recognize what bothered me about others, especially how they reacted to and handled particular situations was exactly what I was embarrassed about in myself. I am an over reactor by nature. I grew up that way and for years I have focused on undoing the straight jump to panic mode and doom and gloom. Believe me, I’m not quite there yet but I am much calmer and more collected than I used to be. Thank goodness I guess because this came in very handy last night when I discovered my rabbit Puff was not a female. I do not have two female bunnies after all but rather the unfortunate circumstance of having one of each. What can I possibly do now anyway? It’s much too late to worry about that now. The ongoing Facebook joke is my rabbits are no longer Cocoa and Puff, they are now Cocoa and Puff Daddy. Very funny. The jokes on me .

11 thoughts on “How Do You React?

  1. I can see the Halloween card now. Open it up, and you get swarmed by little dust bunnies.

    This went from thought-provoking and heavy to cute, cuddly and a little maddening.

    I don’t recall being an over-reactor in my youth, but it started to pop out in my teens. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I started to feel like a jerk for “judging” others. And, it wasn’t until the last decade that I started noticing the negativity coming out of me, after more than a decade of being pestered, ostracized and critiqued.

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  2. An eye-opening quote for me was, “The things you don’t like in others are the things you don’t like in yourself.” I’m a “glass empty” kind of girl and my husband is a “glass full” kind of guy. Very frustrating for both of us. Sometimes though, it works out well, like when we actually listen to each other.

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