Can Distractions Become Habits?


As I tried to write a complete blog post, start to finish, something became apparently clear. The dog was banging at the door so I would let him outside. Messages were popping up at the top of my phone and I struggled over whether to write another sentence or answer the message. I couldn’t finish one single thing. Not a complete thought, not a single decision. My mind was all over the place much like my racing heart. I had to stop for a minute and ask, are all these distractions the reason I have felt so anxious lately. Could the answer be as simple as putting down my phone and only checking it certain times a day? I can’t even imagine how much time I waste surfing through nothing new and checking a screen when there’s nothing important there. On the other hand, that distraction is what makes the other distractions a little more bearable. Are we stuck in a viscous mental trap we may never be able to escape? 

Habits are so hard to change, even the good ones. We get so used to going through motions that they become almost robotic. We just move with no intention or thought behind what we are doing as our mind lies dormant and unstimulated. We become comfortable or maybe even unknowingly numb and when something is really, awesomely good, we don’t have the capacity to feel it anymore. 

Wake up, smell the coffee, enjoy every sip and linger in every moment. Show up for your life. Don’t miss the only chance you get.

24 thoughts on “Can Distractions Become Habits?

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    I think that is part of the reason why I normally blog later in the evening. Kids are in bed, wife is dozing off and the dog is next to her – now I can focus on writing.

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  2. I am asking myself why I feel that I have to have my mind totally occupied at all times. I feel like I HAVE to multi-task. I listen to books while I cook, play computer games while I watch TV, write posts in my head while I am supposed to be sleeping, read or watch TV while I am eating… The one thing I seem to settle down to is blogging. I love to read posts in the morning quiet with my coffee (replacing the news) and blog in silence and relaxation. I, too, love your posts because after I read them, I try to put them in motion. As, always – Thanks.

    Disclaimer: I don’t have children, work, a lot of housework…demanding my attention enabling the above mentioned peace and quiet.


  3. Before coffee frays your nerves or what’s supposed to be a phone becomes an electronic cigarette addiction, tune out, turn off and don’t forget to breathe. I am grateful I limit my internet use to sitting at the desk. If I had some glowing screen in my pocket or hand all of the time, I’d really be in trouble. No thanks.


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