Do you stick to a plan? For the most part I believe I do. If I say I am going food shopping on Thursday, I do it. If I have plans to meet a friend on Friday evening, I do that too. Why is it so many people have a difficult time following through? Your words should mean something. They should have substance. In order for them to hold any value, there has to be an action plan that backs them up.

I helped my son study for biology all weekend. Yesterday he came home and I was randomly  quizzing him. When he didn’t answer, I looked up and he was fast asleep. He was drained and tired and his brain was overstimulated from preparing for 4 tests this week. He was excited today to finally go in and check this one off the list. What does the teacher do? She changes the test to Thursday and then back to Wednesday. Mind you, we did not study for the other two subjects for the tests on Thursday because we wanted to focus on this one. Now, we will have to continue to go over this information another night when we paced and planned to wrap this one up today. How can we do our part to be prepared when life is so chaotic and unscheduled? What if you showed up for surgery and the doctor told you to come back the next day? You would probably be pretty upset because you did all the things the last few days to prepare for today.

Get it together. Stick to your plan. Make it happen. Follow through on your own life because like it or not, your life affects everyone else’s.


7 thoughts on “Nevermind

  1. koppieop

    If a teacher, a surgeon, a train conductor unexpectedly changes his time schedule, they will certainly annoy people. But if some sudden change doesn’t bother anyone – including myself -, I will probably imitate the titel of your today’s post. Having to play, for example, tennis on Wednesday because it rained on our usual Tuesday morning, would not upset me.

    However, I also like things happening according to a plan. It feels good to see the persons you are going to meet, arriving on time, the light in theaters being turned off at the announced time!

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  2. YES! I can’t stand it when people bail or change plans. It is one of my pet peeves. I have little patience for people who do this to me, and if they do it a few times, I give up and don’t bother trying to make plans anymore. How frustrating for your son, especially if he has a heavy course load.

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  3. the-reluctant-parent

    as I have probably said before, I’m a plan your work and work your plan kind of person. The wife is the exact opposite and doesn’t plan anything at all, or as little as possible. I’ll ask her what time something is going to happen just so I can get it straight in my head, like when does she have to pick her dad up at the airport or what time she’s going to cosco, that sort of thing and she, more often than nos, says “I don’t know, it’s in my calendar”.

    And then, over the weekend she says “I have to go to meetings at work for Monday and Tuesday so you’ll have to walk the little girl to school.” I said “Oh I didn’t know you had meetings because I would have remembered that”.

    She said “I told you a long time ago so you probably forgot” and this reinforces her false belief that I have a bad memory and, not to sound conspratorial, but I wonder if she’s trying to make me believe that I have a bad memory by doing shit like this?

    I said “I hardly ever forget dates or plans so if you had told me, I would have remembered.” She said “it’s not a big deal”.

    can you tell that this whole episode was annoying?

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