Putting Life Back In My Years


I’m missing it. Life. It’s passing me by. 

There are subtle signs gently guiding me along, nudging me to pay attention to whatever I am doing. Today, I felt the nudge and I am grateful I was paying attention.

Attention is so important. I realize that now. Often times I hear my daughter say, “Mom, I told you that yesterday.” Where do I go when she is trying to tell me about her day? Why don’t I seem to hear her the first time?

Just today, I caught myself in the act of speeding through the work zone. Again! This construction has been going on for months now. There are giant orange cones and bulldozers and men working all over the place. Yet every single time I drive that road I forget the speedlimit has changed to 40mph. I am such a creature of habit that I go through the motions not paying attention at all. That’s how my life has felt lately. Dull, monotonous and filled with hours of the same routine. Hours turn to days that turn into months and before I know it I’ve missed a year.

I went to the mall today and I actually looked around. I slowed my pace and actually focused on being present. I was amazed at how many people were drawn to me and found myself having some lengthy conversations with total strangers. I even looked at them with enough focus that I am sure I would recognize them again. I was coming back to life one minute at a time and boy did it feel good. On the way home I grabbed at hamburger and I took my time eating it enjoying every single bite instead of scarfing it down.

Pay attention. Time fades away like the last seconds of light at the end of the day. Work at it. Set an alarm on your phone a few times a day as a reminder to check in until the practice of being present comes naturally. The biggest travesty of all is not realizing you are everywhere except where you really are. Here’s your wake up call. Will you answer the phone?


10 thoughts on “Putting Life Back In My Years

  1. I hear you! I zip through my day too, and before I know it, it’s the end of the month… Look, we’re nearly at the end of the year! Mindfulness… definitely a good reminder. Thank you for putting it into words πŸ™‚


  2. I think its so easy to lose focus these days. When you fall into a pattern everyday, we tend to take living for granted. It takes a conscious effort to try to appreciate things around us but its worth the effort

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