Speak Softly


“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” ~
Ambrose Bierce  

As I contemplated what to say to my sons teachers at conferences tomorrow afternoon, I happened to stumble on this quote. Isn’t it amazing how we get what we need at the exact time in our life we need it most? I am going to purposely practice some peaceful yoga right before I go and I guarantee, because of this quote, my conversation will be much different than I initially imagined.


20 thoughts on “Speak Softly

  1. I am the queen of losing my grip and spewing insanity when I am angry. Within three minutes I am regretting everything that came out of my mouth. I have to purposefully take deep breaths if I have any hope to get through some conversations without ruining relationships forever. I’m glad you had some time to chill before the meeting.

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    • If what you spout ruins the relationship forever, aren’t you just exposing the “uglies” before you bump them?…..ha. But, seriously, if anything you say ruins a relationship, I am going to bet the zit needed popping, anyway. No heated words should tear two well-connected souls apart.

      I think it’s dark forces enjoying us getting mad and saying unusually hostile words that is a bigger problem. It’s as if some entity feeds off our negativity/anger. And, if we curb this, the creeps go away starving…and, maybe, we live a little longer or get fewer gray hairs.

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      • Yes. I don’t go there anymore. Ever. I don’t believe any relationship is worth destroying over lack of self restraint when it comes to turning anger into words. Let’s hope I can still say the same after conferences. When people get defensive and in fight stance, it takes a lot out of me to not go to that place. But, I like myself a lot better when I don’t 🙂 Why stoop to a level I find undesirable


      • At the same time, maybe those lil imps get to you, and it feels strangely good to take the safety off your BM-45. [That’s Big Mouth…and I dunno what the 45 would be. No one really measures words in letters or millimeters unless yer a Twit or a high school yearbook.]

        I have no reason to like myself less unless my words critically wound someone who irked me first, the receiver does not try to mend the fence or I do harm to myself in the process. And, in the case of the other person not mending the fence, I should not get upset; but it’s a lonely world, otherwise, until you find a new pillow for your head.


      • I love the visual you painted of the zit popping. That is just about perfect. My last instance of talking before thinking probably needed to happen a lot sooner. The relationship is still there, but not nearly the same. We’ll see how it goes from here! Thanks for commenting.

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  2. Your new name shall be Quotesia. You’ll carry a tuning fork where ever you go. It goes off when the lil chime in your head finds a quote to cite. So, go ahead and chance all your personal records, credit cards, etc. 😛


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