Why in the World?


Today my heart got a fantastic workout without ever having to move my body. Oh, those rabbits will be the death of me. I put Puff Daddy outside in the pen so I could clean his cage. I checked on him quite a few times and he seemed to be fine until….the pen was empty. I tried hard not to panic as I ran out the door staring at the pen. There wasn’t a hole and at this point he was much to big for the crows to carry away. The only thing I can figure is that he has finally worked hard enough to complete the stunt he has practicing in the living room. I’ve really enjoyed watching him jump in the air while performing a 90 degree turn. I’ve spent many a night giggling at him as he races around. All I can figure is that he finally managed to jump high enough to get out of his pen. I felt dizzy standing there shaking from nerves wondering what in the world would I tell the kids? Do I just break it to them bluntly and hope they get over it or do I concoct some story making myself out to be the victim? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a streak of white moving in the corner where the backyard fence meets the house. Luckily for me, Puff Daddy hasn’t figured out he can easily fit through the spaces and was happily hopping along. 

My advice? Don’t ever get a rabbit! Go to a petting zoo instead. Your house will smell a lot better and you won’t have to consider taking anxiety medication.


8 thoughts on “Why in the World?

  1. koolaidmoms

    Lol. We had rabbits when I was growing up and there have been a few times I have contemplated getting one or two again. But, then I remember what my parents went through and think more rationally. No, not even going there.

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  2. He just wanted a bigger track to chase the tortoise. There’s a male anatomy joke in there somewhere. I’m just not sure where/how to put it.

    Anywho, he wanted more breathing room (did not like the pen) but probably knew his chances of survival were slim if he ran away from “home.” ‘Sounds familiar.

    In all honesty, why do we have pets, at all? I never thought about it all the time Bob Barker told us to spade and neuter. But, after years of dog/cock fights, excess farming and homes found with too many animals trashing the places…I just wonder why people can’t ogle animals in their natural habitat instead of thinking they can keep them in a box where they should stay cute and quiet all the time. Get a stuffed toy, instead.

    I know; you’re cuddling and laughing at your bunny now, and I’m Dick Downer, harping on your happiness (laced with panic when Puff the Magic Bunny escapes).


    • Who says what’s right or wrong? I know there are a lot of wild rabbits in my neighborhood. Often they are eaten by coyotes so my rabbits may be locked up but they are safe, loved and always have food. As for dogs, how could you enjoy them in the wild. I don’t really like dogs but the bond mine have with my kids and husband is heartwarming. Who knows


      • I bet the wild ones would look at Puff and laugh or wish they could do tricks. That would be an interesting meeting to observe. 🙂

        I have a theory about the wild rabbits appearing in recent years in my area…but I don’t care to share it here. 🙂

        You’ve got a lot of coyotes in your area? We’re lucky if we get one in the news. There was even a mountain lion story not long ago. The wild animals are getting frustrated with mankind.

        Well, once upon a time, dogs and cats WERE wild species. I dunno who started the pet practice, but through it, we got so many different breeds. Yet, only a fraction of dog owners seem to really be benefiting from the practice. Imagine seeing different dog breeds walk the streets like squirrels or geese. I’d love to see some cute lil pugs or Samoyeds just passing through…provided the wild ones don’t bark or attack more than the domesticated ones who may not respond well to passing strangers wearing sunglasses.


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