How To Survive a Bad Day


Yesterday was the kind of day you wish was over and today it is. There is so much relief and hope that comes with knowing you made it through a difficult day. Some days are just like that and you have to keep your chin up and display an immense amount of patience. So what if the garage door only goes up half way and you back into it right? Was it bad? Sure but what if it was closed all the way and you backed your car all the way through it? Seriously, I try and remember that as bad as something seems, there is always a worse case scenario. So, you must be grateful for the things that are good in your life and find peace and acceptance with the things that seem bad. It’s hard to see the silver lining in the clouds when the storm never seems to let up. Remember things are not always what the appear and when the clouds cast a dark shadow on your world, remember the sun is still there, you’ve just lost sight of it. Sometimes it takes one of those kind of days to really recognize and appreciate a good one. I’m hoping today is that day for everyone of us. Happy Friday!


10 thoughts on “How To Survive a Bad Day

  1. koppieop

    As I think I told you, I’m a lucky guy; very seldom do I have real bad days. And then indeed I do what you suggest …..keep my chin up….. Btw, that is what the nickname I chose means in my native Dutch!
    Have a nice Friday, too!

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  2. koppieop

    You are certainly not the only unfortunate driver! Not quite used yet to a new (second-hand) car, I bumped into the garden gate once. One of the doors was not wide open but I overlooked it. 😉
    I have three married children and twenty-one grandchildren. Seven of them are married, and blessed with fourteen kids themselves. For the time being, because there is one baby to be born next month and two more in 2016 – according to the most recent census made yesterday…..


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