35 thoughts on “Maybe This Isn’t About You

  1. And, they will either tote or post a sign by their doors which says: BACK OFF, BUSY BEE PARENTS. WE’RE DOING THE BEST WE CAN!

    hehe 😛

    So began the great Sign War in which no words were spoken…but plenty of text messages were sent and blog petitions written.


  2. I taught for a few short years, and it was those attitudes and politics that drove me from it. And I’m referring to the teachers’ and administrators’ attitudes, not the parents. Are some parents difficult, yes. But you know what – in my limited experience in one school – the majority of teachers are defensive, holier-than-though who believe they are gods’ gift to children. But throw one curve ball at them, and they get combative, vicious and competitive. Yeah. I’m not bitter at all…..

    Keep fighting the good fight.

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    • Thank you for sharing that for me. I can’t even believe what transpired today at my sons 604 meeting. I think I’m still in shock. Every meeting its about them and here we are several weeks into school, 3 504 meetings and nothing but wasted time and taking abuse. The worst part, they are trying to turn it on me by saying I attack teachers. Why? Because I don’t put up with their crap and I don’t allow them to tell me a bunch of rubbish. Because the hall of me to follow through with accommodations he is entitled to under the law? The school acts as if it’s optional.

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      • Yes, and that’s what I saw, too. They will turn it on you, in front of you and even more behind closed doors. They are worried to death that you are going to sue them. I bet that’s being talked about as well. But you’re damn right (sorry, I shouldn’t curse on other people’s blogs)..but I’m so so inspired by you for standing up and not taking their abuse. They don’t want to do anything “extra” to help anyone. They want to go along with the status quo and be brought an apple on teacher appreciation day. Okay. I’m getting mad, and that’s not helpful. I’m SURE you’re doing all of this – but I encourage you to keep copies of absolutely everything and record those meetings if you have to. I HATE that it’s come to that, but it’s so political nowadays. Sorry for ranting all over your page. I’ve been reading you for a little bit now, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to vent my support of you!

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