6 thoughts on “Courage

  1. I recently wrote an e-mail to my stepdaughter setting some boundaries with her. I chose writing because it cuts down on the drama. I made every effort to make it loving and supportive while setting my boundaries. It was written effortlessly but I have re-read it over and over since I sent it, trying to see if she will accept it in the vein it was written. I have to keep telling myself that I could only control the writing, I can not control the reading. I have to remind myself that it had to be written in order to stay true to myself. It can be so hard for me to take care of myself when it affects others so I take the easy way out and “just put up with it”. She has not responded so chances are she has chosen not to read it and I gave her that choice so I have to accept that choice if that is what it is. I need to just let go of it.😅

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    • The letting go part is so hard. I’ve had to set up some pretty tough boundaries too and sometimes it’s just necessary. Everyone needs time to process so give her a little time. Our first response is often feeling offended. Time clears all the initial emotions and then it’s easier to see what really is. I hope it works out on a positive note. Thank you for sharing. And it does take a lot of courage to put yourself first ❤️

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