Do You Turn Mole Hills Into Mountains?


Another great one from Dream Big, Dream Often. Are you guilty of this?

Dream Big, Dream Often

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I am a reactor.  I receive input and I immediately react.  When I was working retail, corporate would send down directives that would interfere with my daily routine or plan and I would get upset.  I would stomp to my manager’s office and complain about the interruption and pout.  Then once my venting session was over I would get the job done and move on.

My personality is like that.  I react immediately then get over it and move on.  I guess I need to purge all of that frustration out of my mind and body so it doesn’t eat me alive throughout the day.  I have moments when I turn a mole hill into a mountain.

This got my little peanut brain churning and contemplating why I do some of the things I do.  Why do I make small situations out to be more serious than they…

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