What Did You Just Say?


As I was preparing for meeting at school I have today, I was so grateful to stumble on these words. I hope you read them also. What a great reminder.



Today let’s really take the time to notice what we say to others.  Let’s notice what pictures we paint with our words.  Are we using our words to lift and inspire others?  Are we using our words to hold others back or put them down?

What are we talking about?  What are we sharing with others?

Do not focus on what others are saying to you today – focus on what you are saying.  Consider how your words make you feel when you say them.

Conduct an experiment.  Say something about how worried you are.  How does that feel?  Now say something about how joyful you are.  How does that feel?

How do you think it feels to be on the other end of your conversations?  What energy are you sharing?

We can lift and inspire others, and ourselves – or we can hold everyone, including us, down.

Watch your…

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