I am determined that no matter how horrible some people can be, I will never let them harden my heart. In a time when people have become so ruthless, so removed from humanity and compassion, there are plenty of warriors ready and willing to stand up and give their best fight. When the world becomes hateful, we must love more. When people become dishonest, we must speak the truth. When people commit wrongdoing, we must stand up for what is right. What can we possibly do in a world where some people seem so lost? Love more, be kinder. Be better, not bitter. Be the hope in a world where hope is fading away. You are a light. Go out and shine. 

6 thoughts on “Shine

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    Hi there.

    Here’s my contribution to the solidarity expressed by those whose hearts go out to the grieving and shattered in this horrible tragedy.

    Since music is my voice, I felt compelled to perform the following 31 minutes live on stillstream last night and here are the results.

    I hope you like it.

    [audio src="" /]

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  2. koppieop

    Interesting post! France’s angry reply to counteract with return bombings violently must be the most natural human reaction. But hopefully the West will, on second thoughts, apply the methods you suggest, and so obtain better results.


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