Step Away From the Cell Phone


It’s so important to step away sometimes. I’ve taken the last few days off of blogging and I have lessened the amount of time my phone is in my hand. I don’t even keep it in the same room anymore. I noticed I am less stressed but more focused. I am not forgetting why I walked into the room and I feel like my brain is coming back into focus. I didn’t realize how much time I wasted checking WordPress, Facebook and surfing the net. I’m not neccesarily using my time to do anything constructive but I have learned the value of stepping away.

What is something you need to step away from?


16 thoughts on “Step Away From the Cell Phone

  1. Sometimes I find myself lost in the dashboard of Tumblr – I’ll get distracted and before I know it, minutes of endless scrolling have passed. I need to stop myself before that happens, and open a book instead!

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  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic

    Probably my phone (WordPress and Kindle) but to be quite honest, I am quite loath to do that. I feel like I am dedicating so much time and energy to my family that those two specific apps are really my only constant escape and I do not want to deny myself even that little bit.

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  3. I have often said that trying to do the cleaning with the toddler was taking me twice as long. Switched off the computer till the afternoon and even with him helping me, the cleaning now takes a lot less time I never even considered how often I would go pass my computer and sit down and check it till I turned it off.

    I still say it would take me a lot less time with my son, but he has fun helping me

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