Does It Really Matter?


How do you find gratitude while you’re spiraling down to the place you don’t want to go? The ebb and flow of life guarantees rough spells and calm ones as well. You ride out each wave the best you can and wait to see what the next day holds. It’s a dangerous thing when you are stuck in a bad place, focusing only on the hopelessness and pain you may feel in a particular moment. In the course of a lifetime, what will it matter? I remember seeing this quote for the first time and thinking, what a great practice to instill in my own life.  Focusing on the details of every day is like holding onto a bunch of balloons that lift you up and take you straight to hell. I’ve been there a few times and I am in no hurry to go back. In hindsight, those frustrations that seemed enormous at the time aren’t so big anymore. 

There will be situations that weigh you down and test the courage and strength you thought were inside of you. It’s during these times that you must quiet the storm and reach for your calm. It is there. Find it and hold onto that instead. The sun really will come out tomorrow and if it doesn’t, just wait, it will make an appearance soon.


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