Happiness is sitting on the couch watching the flames flicker in the fireplace. It is knowing my family is here, all in one room and watching both kids study quietly. Happiness is having no place to be but right here, right now and ending the day with my heart feeling full. These are the moments that matter, those little things that keep you going on difficult days.

How do you define happiness?


31 thoughts on “Happiness

      • It’s the year of the Wood Sheep (in Chinese astrology). By what’s been going on, I suspect that means it’s a year for extreme plant growth and milder weather all around. A good year for crops…not so much for meat/predators.

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      • Indeed. Yet, if you live in a place like California where the skies rarely change, do you really notice the difference or does a gentle ocean breeze give the same fear as a blizzard further east? I think some areas react to milder temperature changes the way other areas scream from far more extreme weather. I also think some weird cosmic force causes one area’s 70 degree summer scorcher to feel like nothing in another area. Can it really be two 70’s are not alike?

        I keep wishing for a snow-free winter birthday, but it rarely if ever happens. And, the last one, I didn’t enjoy much, anyway, due to lousy company.

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      • I’m in Kentucky so we get the spectrum of seasons. Scorching heat and oppressive humidity in July, sub-freezing with snow and ice in January, beautiful colors with crisp nights in October, and amazing green and clean air in April. But January and February are my least favorite. Sub-freezing blows!

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      • Didn’t Kentucky get hit with some nasty weather in the past 3 years? Was there a hurricane that swept through or that bad winter storm that practically crushed New York?

        Yea, I get really depressed in January. February not so much because–silly me–I get inspired by Valentine’s even though I haven’t had a genuine valentine in so long. But, I am slowly getting sadder around the winter holidays instead of happier.

        I can’t enjoy the fireplace (as seen above) without good company and knowing it won’t burn the place down. πŸ˜› I can’t even enjoy a fake fireplace. I’d prefer a bonfire and a group of friends sharing stories while camping.

        I’ve done fairly well adapting to freezing temps. It’s the snow and ice hazards that make life so difficult and unpleasant in winter. You can warm up a car, but a foot of slush and icy roads are going to put the boot on that car. I am thinking of investing in a set of snowshoes.

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      • Yes, our winters have been brutal past few years. Multiple 15″+ snowfalls, ice storms, zero temps for days on end. Much worse than normal. Hearing this year may not be too bad for snow though. It’d be a nice respite. We heat with wood so there’s usually a fire going, but haven’t really had to have one yet. It’s coming though


  1. Juni DesireΓ©

    I’m still working on defining it. I had a bit of a happiness-definition crisis recently. I asked people how they defined it and got a different answer almost every time.

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  2. koppieop

    I once read this definition: happiness is something you will find alongside the road in the form of coins, never as a banknote. This almost undefinable feeling may begin at any moment and will be gone a few seconds, minutes?? later. I don’t believe in constant happiness, and even think that that would be boring. There are several reasons to be happy, one of the most frequent ones being the name of your previous post, thankfulness. As a nonbeliever, I don’t thank (a) god, I don’t know or guess who or what is responsible for my gratitude; I’m grateful all the same. I have a big, nice family and a few good friends, I’m healthy, wealthy and mildly wise. [Wealthy because I don’t have unpayable debts πŸ™‚ ], I am not disabled and have an unlimited interest in how stuff works.-

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