Here We Go Again


The anxiety is starting to reach a level that I am finding difficult to handle. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the Director of Special Services and a new principal and the stress of having to go over and over this with new people year after year is starting to take its toll on me. I am at my breaking point spending endless hours trying to help my son at home and being on the receiving end of backlash from the school the entire way. I actually reached out to the Office of Civil Rights and the lawyer on the end asked, why have you waited so long to file a complaint? I didn’t even have to think of an answer. The truth is, I thought all teachers cared about students. I really in my foolish heart believed that teachers would do whatever it would take to assure their students would be successful in school. Boy, I was so wrong. Even when by law they are required to provide certain accommodations, there are a few that will resist on every level. So how does the school react? They attempt to change the words in my sons 504 to protect these same teachers that refuse to meet the accommodation. Are you kidding me? Is protecting a law breaking teacher more of a priority than doing everything they can to make sure a child learns? I guess I didn’t believe anyone could be so cruel, so uncaring that even when you ask for their help, they will not give it. I am so naive when it comes to people. It is hard for me to not expect the best in them because I could never act that way myself. I am a parent and I do whatever it takes to help my son because as a mom, I know I am the one person in the world who will always have his back. I am sad and broken and trying to ignore the palpitations that keep me up at night. I will continue this fight because the support from many of you gives me the strength I need to carry on. Wish me luck tomorrow. I will give it one final shot and then I am left with only one other option. It’s time to move in a different direction.

17 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. Are you responsible for the school staff all jumping out of the building with their parachutes? Is that why you are forced to repeat yourself?

    I am getting the feeling you need to get off this elevator and move to a different building (state).

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  2. You can do this. You have to go in there with the mindset that you’re ready to kick ass! If you have a copy of the original 504 and all the modifications set forth, take it. Ask them for their copy. If its different or been changed without consulting you, pitch a fit! Go in confident, assured, and strong. Remember why you’re doing all this. Don’t take any shit and DO NOT let them intimidate you! They have a job to do and they must do it! Period. We can give any advice we can that may help. We’ve been there, I promise you! Let us know if you have any questions. We may be able to give you some guidance here. Frustrating? Yes! Necessary? Evidently. Just remember, when you’re ready to give up, what you’re fighting for! Gloves off! You know where to find us if we can help. 😊


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