Will You Show Up?


Today I grateful that I have grown into the kind of person who always does the right thing. Sometimes I may go unappreciated or keep things bottled up from holding my tongue but at the end of the day I can always fall peacefully to sleep knowing that I have done my best. I am far from perfect but one thing I am not is purposely harmful. I feel remorse and regret if my actions have caused another person pain but I forgive myself, learn the lesson and try my best to never repeat it again. I used to believe someone had to choose to be the bigger person. Now I realize each and everyone of us needs to choose to be the biggest person we can possibly be. 

Work on you. Everyday brings continuous change to who you are and who you can be. Finding yourself and evolving is one of the most important thing you will ever do. You are here for a reason and the world needs you to show up every single day as the best version of yourself. 


3 thoughts on “Will You Show Up?

  1. When I left a previous relationship, I knew I had tried everything possible to make it work. I have no regrets, nor do I feel guilty.
    That chapter of my life was difficult but an important lesson, and I actually like the person I have become because of what I learnt about life, other people and myself during it.

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