A Monday Surprise


It’s no secret I am a fan of random acts of kindness. I was washing my floor a few minutes ago and I looked up to see someone walking up my driveway. It was a neighbor and friend delivering me a delicious donut from my favorite shop. What a great way to start the day. It’s always so special to find out someone thinks enough of me to do something kind. Now it’s time to pay it forward. Make someone’s day today. I am grateful someone started my Monday off on a good note. What better way to start the week?


9 thoughts on “A Monday Surprise

  1. koppieop

    Last Monday 7 (I am reading this post only today) was a unique start of the week, I was preparing my morning coffee when the bell rang, in a way that announces a member of my (large) family. As my wife was already dressed, she opened the door while I quickly went to change my pajamas. I heard more noises than usual, and when I came back, 13 grandchildren including three fiancés and friends, were putting sandwiches, croissants, brownies and other delicatessen including a cake on the table and starting to sing Happy Birthday.

    Of course, I knew it was my day but they had prepared a real surprise, because I had blown out candles the day before, together with a grandsons who became 16. Our average age is now 50.-

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